Hello, Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Tonight is the first night in almost six weeks that I have had a complete evening to myself. I love my family, more than words.. but there has been something so wonderfully peaceful about having TWO whole hours to myself. There was no school work to be done, there was no reading for school to be done, the house work was done prior to the evening, and Justin went to bed early (after getting Ava ready for bed) because he's suffering from a head cold. Olivia went down easy as pie tonight, so all three of my Howland babies were in their nightly slumber. I decided to take my first 20 minute shower in... I honestly don't know how long. The rain/wind outside is coming down pretty heavy, so that made for the most serene background noise. It's the small details of my life that always make the biggest difference. I guess listening to rain fall in the shower was no exception. When we first moved into this house I thought it was so weird to have a window so close to the tub. Now? I absolutely love it. 

After being able to shower in peace, I decided to watch a show or movie.. something for me. Justin ended up selling parts of his man cave furniture (we are upgrading our living room furniture when we move) because he'll be getting the current living room furniture for his cave come June... which meant that the t.v. from the cave is now currently in our bedroom. We turned the man cave into a temporary playroom for the girls and a place where I can better my skills with indoor photos of our kiddos. Now I have this huge t.v. on my dresser/vanity and it's obnoxious... but it's proven to come in handy the last couple of days. Of all shows to watch, I ended up using my amazon prime membership to watch the show Glee. I just laughed writing that, but it's true. I think I got sucked in after the second episode. Modern day drama that has absolutely no relation to my life? Golden.

As I sit here, half watching glee, listening to the rainfall, and blogging out this rare moment.. All I can do is smile. My life has gotten 10X more chaotic in the last six week, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every single day I get to wake up to the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen. I get to be a mama to the most beautiful girls in the world, and wife to the most considerate man on earth. Part of me wants to go and kiss each one of them right now... but for the sake of not waking them up, I think i'll wait until the sun rises. 

I'm off to finish episode four of Glee. I still can't believe this is what I decided to do with my evening. I can't wait to see Justin's reaction when he wakes up. 

♥- Leilani

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