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Friday, March 18, 2016
This week has been hard. For someone that is usually fairly good with words. I haven't had very many. Today made one week since my mom passed and I didn't expect today to be any better than the day I got the news. I was surprisingly, incorrect. Today was just a smidge better. Justin and I have been discussing adding more littles to our family more than ever now. With those types of conversation came conversations about homes... vehicles.. and other deciding life factors when discussing family expansion. We went down to Oregon last weekend to be with good friends of ours and while we were down there we took a look at their snazzy minivan. It was so HUGE. They are a family of six and their van easily accommodates all of their needs comfortably. Justin and I discussed the idea of us trading in my SUV for a van in the future. I had no idea that future would be less than a week later. 

We did our research online about minivans first. Their value, their mileage, different brands, what we would want for our budget, etc. We ended up deciding on the very minivan that we had seen while in Oregon. The Dodge Caravan. This "Mom Wagon" is seriously amazing. It has SOOO much storage space, sits seven people, and it has all the bells and whistles. I found a certified preowned that I absolutely adored, so we went down to the dealership to see if it was a good fit for us. The van itself is white and it has all black features. Windows, rims, etc. It is fully loaded with a dvd player, leather seats, navigation, and power door options.It also came with every warranty you could possibly have, so we are covered in every which way possible. It didn't take long to sell me on something I already wanted, so the looking part was a very short and simple process.

We immediately began to workout the finance aspect and we were pleasantly surprised with the numbers. The entire process took just under 4.5 hours, but I am happy to report that we are the owner of a 2015 Dodge Caravan. Side note, taking two children under three to a car dealership for over 4 hours was SO much easier than we ever expected. I know each child is different, but Olivia didn't have her "witching hour" fit.. (she actually hasn't for almost a week now), and Ava was as sweet as pie... once the car salesmen gave her a balloon from a display. We ended up leaving the dealership around 730, but we were so relieved that I finally found my "forever" car for our family. Grocery shopping is going to be SO much better now that I actually have trunk space. We have talked about trying for another baby in February 2017, so this mom wagon is going to be perfect for a possible new addition next year. 

Here's a little video I made for social media:

I've been asked to make a video of the inside of the mom wagon, so i may end up posting that on the blog as well. Ava already loves her new big girl seat in the van, and she loves that her BIG window rolls down. The air flow is amazing, the stowaway seats are so great. I am definitely looking forward to our BIG move in just sixty some odd days! I cannot wait to road trip with my sweet family in our new wheels.

♥- Leilani

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