Olivia: 8 Weeks Old

Monday, March 21, 2016
Oh, Olivia Rose. It amazes me how quickly our days come and go together. You have been earth side for two beautiful months and I am still in complete awe of you. The first few weeks of your life, I was overwhelmed. Adjusting to life with two little girls is definitely not for the weak. You participated in the "witching hour" like so many newbies like you, and that was definitely the hardest adjustment. As you have become more familiar with me and I have tuned into more of your queues, we have put that to rest. I can't tell you how good it makes mommy feel to know that your tears don't come as often any more. It's harder to blog as often as i'd like, it's also harder to pull out my "big girl" camera as often as i'd like, but I am determined to document ALL of your days. 

Clothes: As of your last visit to PEDS, you weighed 11 pounds and 4 ounces... which is definitely why newborn clothes have been a thing of the past, pretty much since you turned a month old. The day after you turned one month old, we started putting you in three month clothes. Your sweet little baby legs are still a wee too short for three month pants, but you rock the onesies and they fit you so well. I did a Carters haul especially for you because I wanted to be able to pass down some of your "favorite outfits" when you grow up and have your own kiddos. Other than that, your big sister Ava left you a TON of clothes in this size. You are set! 

Health: You got your first cold at just six weeks old, mommy wasn't really prepared for that. I was panicked because you are still so new, I wanted to make sure that a cold for you didn't lead into something more troublesome. You are such a trooper though. You went through the motions of a cold without even showing symptoms of feeling ill. You had some congestion, but I made sure to keep you as clear as possible. You also have a blocked tear duct. It doesn't cause too much trouble. sometimes your left eye will get a little goop in it, but we massage your eye and clean it throughout the day. Despite a cold and blocked tear duct, you didn't slow down one bit. We are blessed to have such a strong, healthy babe.

Feeding: Mommy no longer has an oversupply of milk, so you nurse on demand ALL day long. For a couple of weeks, you would get so choked up on all the extra milk, it was frustrating for both you and I. I would have to pull you off of the breast just so you could catch your breath. I'd also have to burp you when i pulled you off, so you didn't get major gas pains.You are definitely more of a cluster feeder, but you cluster feed so much. You've recently started to let nursing soothe you when you are crying and I love this SO much. While breastmilk is for nourishment, I am so glad it has become your comfort place. 

Sleep: You have definitely started sleeping in longer stretches at night. If you go down for bed at 8pm, most nights I won't wake up to change/feed you until around 2am. The next time I wake to change/feed you is usually around 5am or so. It really depends on the kind of day you've had. If your sleep gets interrupted during the day, you are more likely to sleep soundly throughout the night. If you have a day full of great sleep, you will wake after sleeping for 4 hours at night. 

Milestones: Smiling. Oh my goodness do you smile. Your eyes are still very blue and when you smile your eyes sparkle. You can scan a room pretty thoroughly with your eyes, and will smile when your sister, daddy, or mama looks and talks to you. You also have very great head control. I find that we don't really hold your head anymore because you can hold your head up yourself. Sometimes I'll catch myself cradling your sweet head, but that's more for my own needs than yours.You rest your little hands on my chest when you fall asleep after nursing and you have continued to roll over with ease. You can hold small objects in your hand for a long period of time, and recently we tried giving you a full sized rattle.. you held onto that thing until daddy took it out of your hands. You are so incredibly strong my darling. It is a beautiful sight to see. 

Things You Like: You absolutely loved to be held. Every. Single. Moment. Of. The. Day. You love being able to see what's going on around you. You love being in daddy's arms or on daddy's chest. You will sleep FOR HOURS if you are laying on your daddy. I have loved watching your bond with your dad emerge over the last few weeks. You adore him and it's very easy to see. You seems to smile a lot when your big sister tries to amuse you. You let her mush on your sweet cheeks and don't seem to mind too much. 

8 Weeks Old.

♥- Leilani

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