Olivia: 9 Weeks

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Our Livy Bean got her very first set of vaccinations today. It was really hard on me, yet again.. I actually left the room (just like I did when Ava got her vaccines). I hate hearing my babies cry, even if it's only momentarily. Yes, even if it's doing them more good than harm. Noone wants to hear their sweet baby cry. I'm thankful Justin is completely okay being in there with them. That man of mine, he's a God sent. I'm actually getting ahead of myself, so let me rewind. We got called back from the waiting room and like usual, Olivia's vitals were taken. Can you believe that my nine week old already weights 12 pounds? I could not believe it. She is such a healthy babe, couldn't be more blessed. We went back for her well baby and there were tears involved aside from the shots. The girls have thee best pediatrician, ever. Seriously. I told her about my mom passing and she just sat there and cried with me. She told me about her personal experiences with this type of grief and she also gave me resources to utilize for mental health. I ended up taking a postpartum test and i scored pretty high. She knew why and didn't give me a hard time about it. So long as I wasn't having thoughts of harming myself or the babies (which I could never imagine myself thinking, ever in life).

The doctor was beaming over Olivia's achievements so far. She can hold her head up so high for such a long time. She's got a great grip, great strength. She's staring into mirrors and following our voices. It is just amazing how much of this blows me away, even with baby # 2. I forgot to list a few of the things we have used with this baby girl that we did not use with Ava. One of those being: The Nose Frieda. Seriously, this thing is amazing. It sucks out so much mucus.. it's unreal. The appearance isn't exactly ideal, but it works so much better than a bulb ever could. We also have our sweet babe in disposable diapers. Her size  and my cloth stash had some disagreements on absorbency in the first few weeks, and after TONS of saturated clothes, I decided to take a break. With everything I'm battling, I will definitely cave when it comes to waste and how to handle it. I do miss cloth diapering, but I do not miss the laundry, the leaky diapers, and the added task on my "to-do" list.

We did start using a double stroller in the last week.. let me just tell you, Chicco does NOT disappoint. Our double stroller is a BEAST and it makes for traveling in this rainy Washington weather a complete breeze. I no longer have to wake a sleeping baby from her carseat to babywear.. I can let my babe enjoy her sweet little slumber. I've also started taking a liking to woven wraps. They are completely sturdy, comfortable, and durable for me and the babe. Babywearing is without a doubt an essential part of motherhood for me. I think we are going to start wearing Ava bug again as well (she's been requesting it a bit lately).

♥- Leilani

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