100 Days Old

Saturday, April 30, 2016
Olivia is 100 days old. I read once, that in Korean culture, celebrating a baby's 100th day of life is often bigger than a first birthday. Why? Many years ago, babies in Korea would not survive past the 100th day of life. As a way of celebrating their children surpassing that, they had a HUGE party with family and friends in recognition of the milestone. While I am not Korean, I find it equally important to celebrate my sweet Livy's 100th day of life. She's officially in the "three digit days" of life... I can't believe my baby is growing so fast. I mean that with all my heart, soul, and bones. These last few months have been the fastest whirlwind of my life. Most days, I'm just trying to savor the fact that she is still small. She still rests her head on my breast after a feeding, she still nuzzles into my chest once she's in a sweet slumber... and when she looks up at me with her baby blue eyes, I feel like I'm her hero. 

At 14 weeks old, not a whole lot has changed with our sweet girl. We have had a routine for a while, so it's basically something we follow almost every single day. I did make a change this evening though. Since birth, I've tried getting Olivia to sleep in the bassinet right alongside our bed.. I've had zero luck. We do love co-sleeping, so in all fairness... I think after a couple days, we gave up trying. It wasn't until we put a rocker from the pack and play inside the bassinet did our little cherub sleep soundly without waking. Tonight I removed that rocker and laid my sweet babe on her back in the bassinet.. It was a success! She's sound asleep. 

I've noticed how much more alert + aware Olivia has gotten in the last couple weeks too. The amount increases on a daily basis it seems. She will gaze at the television set when Ava's shows are on, she also focuses pretty hard at certain objects or the face of her sister. She has a hold like you wouldn't believe. She is always pulling Ava's hair. She loves bath time.. and pooping in the bath during bath time. This results in less than subtle shrieks from my toddler about baby's poop in the bathtub. Gotta love co-bathing. She loves her fingers too. If not a breast, then Olivia most definitely has her sweet little fingers in her mouth. We don't use pacifiers with her either.. I don't mind, although we have tried. One less thing to wean as she gets older is my perspective. She tends to sleep all day long during growth spurts; I love being able to tell when my baby is growing. 

This month she has her second round of shots.. but we are delaying the ones she will receive, just like we did with Ava. It feels good to feel secure about the decisions we make for our children (that's an entirely different post). I still can't believe I am going to have a three year old this month AND a four month old. You'd think the surreal feeling of being a mother would pass.. but it hasn't. I am completely smitten with both of my girls in every single way and I am beyond thankful to be their mother. 

Happy 100th day of life my sweet Livy girl! 

♥- Leilani

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