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Monday, April 18, 2016
This past week I received the final goodies from my birth documentation through photos from Bonnie Hussey. I have flipped through the pages of my album about 100 times and I have cried every single time. The pages are filled with the story of how Olivia arrived earth side. The arrangement of the photos were incredible and I wouldn't have thought to organize them the way that Bonnie did. It literally has allowed me to relive the day I had my baby girl and it feels amazing. I have so much love for birth photographers and what they do. **Flashback to 2013**... When I was pregnant with Ava, birth photography wasn't really on my list of things I had to have. I just so happened to be friends with someone that was pursuing photography, and she graciously photographed my birth + labor experience with Ava. I was her first birth experience with photography and I don't really think either of us had expectations? I still cherish those photos of my first born and I knew that given the opportunity that Justin and I would conceive again... birth photos were definitely going to be a "must have" for us. 

Fast forward a couple of years + a crazy search for a photographer that specialized in birth...Alas, Bonnie Hussey. From the moment I contacted Bonnie last fall, I knew that she was the perfect fit for us. Professional, prompt, and extremely resourceful, she never left us with questions or doubts. When I had hesitations about my birth plan, she reminded me that I had options and that I had every single right to explore them. She kept in contact with me through the months that led to my due date and she had helpful tips on how to keep comfortable in the weeks that I knew labor could soon arrive. My birth plan was changed due to some health concerns and the fact that I had gone over my due date... I was crushed, but you know what? Bonnie stayed positive + encouraging even though she knew an induction wasn't the route we had planned to take. 

She stayed in contact with me to find out when I was being brought in for induction and that happened at about 4 or so in the morning. She replied to that text at 4 a.m. without skipping a beat. She let us know she would be at the hospital shortly. And guess what? She was. She started photographing pretty quickly after arriving and she captured some of the special details that occurred within that first hour of us being admitted into the hospital. Justin hanging up birthday decor for Olivia, me being hooked up to monitors and machines, and the little dry erase board with all of the patient's information. When I actually entered active labor, Bonnie wasn't just taking pictures anymore. She became a labor coach alongside my husband. It was so natural and so welcomed. She asked me if I wanted to walk, if I wanted to listen and sway to music, etc. She helped me change laboring positions when the contractions got worse, and she held my hand. There was a lot of trust from me for her in my most vulnerable moments and I appreciated her presence + energy in the room with us.

When the  time came to actually start pushing, that was all I focused on. My husband was holding my leg and assisting in watching our daughter be born, the nurse rushed for the doctor, and I didn't even remember seeing Bonnie. When I caught a glimpse of my birth photos for the first time, I knew why. She had been in the most perfect spot in our room that showed Olivia literally leaving one phase of her life and arriving in the next. I weep looking at that photo. I have been flooded with emotions even three months later when I think back on Olivia's birth date with visual documentation.Not just for the obvious reasons either. I am so incredibly grateful that we made the decision to invest in a birth photographer. Nothing worth having comes at a "bargain" and nothing worth preserving comes cheap.

Birth photography is an investment and it is an investment we will make over and over if we are able to conceive more children. My advice to all of you? Find your Bonnie. Find someone that you click with, that makes you feel comfortable, and someone that reassures your gut instinct. Build a rapport, get to know something about them, let them get to know things about you. I remember telling Bonnie after the first time I met her that she would be apart of our lives forever. I still believe that to be true! So there is my take on birth photography! ** If you are in the PNW and are due with a little babe of your own, Bonnie comes highly recommended. Her skills are seamless perfection and from my own experience.. she produces pure magic in the photos she captures. ** 

Thanks a million, Bonnie! We appreciate you.

♥- Leilani

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