Olivia: 4 Months Old

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Olivia laughed for the first time today. She always coos and smiles, but today, she laughed. It was the sweetest laugh I've heard since Ava was a baby. Justin was holding her just a few minutes before bed and she was completely full of smiles. I haven't seen her smile that much, ever. It was a lot. Then when she laughed, my heart did a flutter. It was one of those tender moments I was able to experience with Justin right beside me. It was perfect. This past month has been full of growths for Miss Olivia. I still cannot believe that she's closer to six months than she is her birthdate. 

Clothes: She is still in six month clothing and three month clothing is a thing of the past. Everything 3 months is too tight, won't go over her head, and is currently being packed away. Because Ava was a summer baby, I am finding that I have purchased a few more summer friendly clothes for Olivia. I haven't had to buy too much and when we move to Texas, thicker sleepers won't be a problem (thank you central air). 

Health: Olivia does have her 4 month check up on Monday and I'm so excited to see those stats! She hasn't had a cold since she was six weeks old (although big sister is sick this week). She's been in good health and we are thankful.

Feeding: We still nurse on demand, but I have noticed that the amount of feedings has decreased.

Sleep: You are an amazing sleeper. Seriously. I could cry some big happy tears because you and your sister are both amazing sleepers. As I said above, you pretty much sleep through the night. It really depends on if you nurse prior to going to sleep around 730pm. If you nursed, you are down for the count. If you didn't, then you will wake around 2am to nurse.. then you fall back asleep. During the day your naps are short and that is in large part to your big sister. When you are going through a growth spurt (yes, you've had one already) you will sleep in 2-3 hour stretches. Normally you take around 3 naps a day though. 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in length. (STILL ACCURATE AT 4 MONTHS).

Milestones: Olivia laughed this week and she is seriously just days from being able to roll over from back to tummy. She gets stuck just a tad bit, but she's almost got it. We are so proud of her. She can hold toys in her hands, focus on a moving object, and grab toys from her tummy time mat. Though she has been holding toys from the mat for a while now, it's nice to see her not have so many attempts before being able to grab one. She can also scoot! She moves herself across the floor or tummy time mat like you wouldn't believe. She discovered screaming a few weeks ago. It's parallel to the timeline of her big sister. She's so spitty at this age as well. I hope we aren't thinking about teething already, but if we are, I'm ready! 

Things You Like: You like talking to your sister when she's on your level. You two will smile forever it seems like when you are having a conversation. You love to be held. This hasn't changed and I don't see it ever changing. You snuggle into me and I absolutely love it. You love baths, too. The process is what I think gets you though. Knowing that bath, bed, and boob are all soon coming. You like being able to see mommy at all times.. yes, even if you are playing, swinging, or in my arms. I think you like when mommy talks to you like a big girl. I don't do baby babble with you.We talk about everything under the sun. (STILL ACCURATE AT 4 MONTHS). Olivia is also a total daddy's girl (not surprised at all) just like Ava is. You love falling asleep in daddy's arms.

♥- Leilani

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