Olivia Rose: 15 Weeks

Thursday, May 5, 2016
This week has been a deja vu week FOR SURE. I'm remembering all the things that Ava did at this age... Olivia's milestones are completely parallel. She's started doing a baby scream... Ava did this all the time. The first time I heard Olivia "baby scream" I just smiled so incredibly big. Justin's heard it a bunch on face time too. She's constantly got her hands in her mouth too. I didn't realize how much Ava had her hands in her mouth until I went back and watched videos of her at this stage. *** Note to self *** BE BETTER at taking videos of Olivia. With Ava, I literally almost always had a recorder in her face for videos. I've noticed that I take photos of Olivia more than I do videos. But that ends now. I want them to be equally as documented through picture and video. I made a compilation video for Ava when she was six months old, I plan to do the same for Baby O. Aside from her hands, baby screams, and being 15 weeks old... she's is full blown in the bumbo and has been for the last few weeks or so. 

Her head control is top notch at this point, she gets stronger by the day, and she can bare weight on her feet more than an almost four month old should. It's not like we stand her up or anything for long periods of time (technically, babies aren't suppose to be bearing weight at this age? Could be an old wives tale), but when she's on my lap or the lap of a family member, she's showing off how strong she is with her own little center of gravity. She's such a happy baby and for that I couldn't feel more blessed. She doesn't usually cry, unless we are in the car and she didn't have a proper feeding prior. She likes going to sleep with a full belly, every time she's ready for sleep. I have pulled over while out and about far more times than I ever did with Ava bug. But you know what? That's completely okay with me. It's allowed me to bond with Olivia in ways I didn't get to with my first baby girl. 

Especially in the mom wagon. I literally pull over in a parking lot.. normally the commissary, and I head to the third row. I change diapers and nurse that baby girl. Ava is usually watching a movie on the DVD player, so once Olivia knocks out, I end up staying back there for a good 5 minutes watching Ava's show with her. The past six weeks with both of my girls has been one for the books in all honesty. Olivia and Ava have grown so much in the last six weeks, it amazes me. Ava came up to me this evening and said, "Mama! Sissy has blue eyes?" It kind of caught me off guard, but I replied with, "Yes baby. Sissy does have pretty blue eyes and Ava has pretty brown eyes." I think Ava picked that up from every single person that stops us in public to gaze into Olivia's blue eyes. She still has very fair skin, blue eyes, and definitely lighter brown hair. All opposite traits of big sister, Ava bug. I love how different they are, but also how similar they are. 

I can't believe Livy will be four months old this month. It's going by way too fast with her.

♥- Leilani

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