Tuesday, July 19, 2016
It's been a long while since I've done an update on Miss Ava Bug. A LONG while. I think I stopped doing monthly updates just before she turned two? Looking back, the fact that I was at that level of dedication with my blogging about her monthly growth is pretty impressive. She's changed so much in just the last six months. So much. Most days I'm just trying to keep up with her. Her enthusiasm for life just makes you want to be happy about whatever her little heart is beaming over... yes, even a lone dandelion on the side of the curb... in the pouring rain. She has grown into her own in so many ways, her personality continues to amaze us, and she is extremely opinionated (especially when the discussion is about something she doesn't care for). I want to make this somewhat organized, so i thought i'd start off with naming some of the things Ava likes, dislikes, and is now learning. 

At 3 years old Ava likes:

Disney Princesses                            Dancing                              Her baby sister
Running                                            Doc McStuffins                   Helping mama + papa cook
Sliding                                               Music                                 Tickle fights
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse         Reading allll the books       Puddle jumpin'

Movie dates with daddy                    Retail therapy (haha)              FROZEN (everything)
3rd person references                      Talking to Nana                       Mermaids
Being outdoors                                 Bows/jewelry/dress-up            The Disney Store

Minnie Mouse galore                       God Mama Lee                        FRUIT
cuddles                                            Using her stethoscope            Asian Food
butterfly kisses                                 Coloring                                  Co-sleeping

That list still looks a little bare to me, but honestly.. these are a decent chunk of her likes these days. She refers to herself in the third person quite often AND she refers to herself by her first and last name...ALL THE TIME. Especially with first introductions. She's grown rather fond of disney characters and when we are out and about she can spot them anywhere. It doesn't matter what it is.. a beach towel, toy, or maybe just decor for a room. She will excitedly burst out with whatever she sees.. most of the time she says, "ELSA! ANNA! OLAF! Mama, look! Mama, hello!" Literally - that's how the start of those conversations go.

At 3 years old Ava dislikes:

Any mention of naps
Most meats
Green veggies that aren't hidden in a smoothie (with the exception of saucy broccoli) 
People who aren't nice
When any member of our family has an ouchie
When baby sissy cries
Not being able to watch shows when she wants to watch them

Ava knows/is learning:

This is one of my favorite stages of my first born's life. She is such a smart bug! She knows how to count pretty high on her own. She has her numbers down to a "t" on her hands (working on the flash cards with higher numbers). She knows the entire rainbow (working on indigo) of colors, she knows her shapes, her animals,dinosaurs, gender references, and family references (mommy, daddy, brother, sister, etc) with other people. She has learned what friends are, when her feelings are hurt, when things are too heavy, too high, too sad, very happy.. I think this list can go on and on. She prays, she has read her first child bible in the last couple of weeks, and she is so incredibly considerate. She is alert around people she doesn't know, and always has an eye view of daddy or mommy.. or baby! She is a very good shopper (though Justin wouldn't agree that this was a good thing). Ava is so calm, respectful, and rarely has meltdowns.. she can draw shapes, she's learning how to write her entire name, and math is slowly making it's way into our learning games. I might have mentioned in a previous post that Ava is also involved in alll the activities this summer. Dance, gymnastics, swim, and a preschool social group. She is on the right track for Pre-K next fall! 

I wish I could articulate into words the entire spectrum of what it's like having this sweet girl in my life. As my daughter. I simply can't find the right, but that's okay! I am so proud of this sweet girl of mine and so incredibly blessed to be her mama.

I hope you guys enjoyed this update on Ava bug!

A little shot of Ava from her swim class this week! 

♥- Leilani

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