Sister, Sister

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
It's happening. I am watching the bond between sisters unravel right before my eyes. Olivia just turned six month old less than two weeks ago and I am noticing the many changes that have occurred between big sister and little sister. Since the baby has become so much more mobile and curious about EVERYTHING, her and Ava are able to interact more. I've heard Ava exclaim how sissy can't play with big girl toys, she has to play with baby toys.. I've watched her snatch things out of her sister's hand (which required us to scold her a bit after doing so) and we've also watched her comfort her sister after snatching. Whenever Olivia bumps into something that results in tears, Ava is never far away. She hugs, kisses, and holds her sister as often as she can. Olivia is never still when she's enjoying floor time, so Ava always has so much fun playing with her sib. I just can't believe how quickly this relationship has grown. I mean, don't get me wrong - they are sisters and we knew this was going to happen eventually... I just feel like it came so quick for us.

Ava has to include Olivia in pretty much everything, unless it's one of her social activities or classes. She has tickle fights with her, she brings sissy ALLLL the baby toys that Olivia cannot grasp as quickly. I mean, watching these two.. it is just the most heart warming thing that you ever did see. 

♥- Leilani

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