Tuesday, September 6, 2016
I may talk about this a lot over the course of the next three years, but I can't help it. The girls and I are on this permanent cloud nine and it feels incredible. Because we are a military family, there are a lot of things that are out of our control. Sometimes - it's the big stuff. Like, giving birth to your first born child while your husband is over 7,000 miles away. Most times it's just the little stuff... like just being home as a family and spending time together. We have learned to make all of our moments together count, even if daddy isn't home for them. This month marks four months that I have gone to sleep beside my husband every single night. This month marks four months that our children have seen their father every single day. If you are military, you know how HUGE something like this is. 

I have had to learn not to over schedule our time in an effort to make sure Justin is included - because he always is. Saturday morning breakfast, swim classes, and lazy Sundays... he is home for all the moments. I think it just really hit me this weekend. Justin had the last few days off and they were amazing. Not just amazing because he was off, amazing because there was nothing we had to catch up on. Usually when he's in the field for a month, has staff duty overnight, or he's doing some type of week long training on post - there is always something he has to be caught up on. A picture Ava drew, a new word Ava said, something pregnancy related... that just isn't the case right now.

I get to watch my husband be the father he wants to be, even while having a full career in the military. I am so incredibly proud and gushing over how much of a family man Justin is. Whether it's flying around the house in PJ MASKS costumes with the girls, sneaking in chocolate treats with Ava before dinner, or reading them new books we picked out from Barnes and Noble earlier in the day.... he's here for all of our moments. I am so blessed to have this man for my husband. Adjusting to seeing one another every day wasn't nearly as weird as i thought it would be. Instead, I'm giddy at the end of his work day. I can't wait to see him. Even though we text throughout the day, I still get excited to hear about what happened at work. This is bliss. 

♥- Leilani

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