Santa Visit

Saturday, December 10, 2016
Today we took the girls to see Santa at the mall and it was SUCH a great experience for us. The last time we took Ava to see Santa I believe she was 1.5 years old? Yes, she was and she definitely bawled. I felt so bad. Like really bad. We didn't take her last year because of her experience the year before (we were also in New York, I was 37 weeks pregnant, and we were on the go the entire trip) and I honestly thought visiting Santa would become a thing of the past... until Ava became a preschooler. Her mind, how smart she is, how receptive she is.. man! This year, she knows who Santa is. She knows his good pal Rudolph and Frosty the snowman of course. She knows that Santa brings her presents when she's a good girl - and that we leave him milk and cookies.

I mean, she understands the very traditions I did as a child. These full circle moments are almost too much for my heart to handle. I get so emotional each time I get to share something special with my girls. A couple weeks ago, something fantastic happened! Thanks to our technology driven world, Ava received a video chat from Santa - she went crazy. She couldn't believe that Santa had called her and she literally told everyone we know here in Texas. Since then, I've watched this warm Christmas spirit emerge more everyday from my sweet girl. Seriously. She sings all of "Santa's Songs" and she looks out for snow (not likely where we are), and she stays true to using only her rudolph decor and silverware. 

I told Ava early this morning that we'd be going to see Santa after her swim class... I have never seen her jump out of bed so quickly. All through breakfast this morning all she could talk about was seeing Santa. I was so excited that she was excited! We waited in line for almost a solid 30 minutes until it was our turn. Ava was a bit more shy and timid than I was expecting but she definitely let him know what she wanted for Christmas. Elena's little sister Isabel and a barbie house. BOOM. The hard part was over. No tears on Ava's end- in fact, she even gave Santa a hug. Olivia on the other hand - she BAWLED as soon as Justin sat her down on Santa's lap. I know we both expected that to happen. We kept Olivia's visit very short and let Ava finish talking to Santa before it was time to go. Our oldest was kind of in awe of this white beareded man. Seeing the look on her face when we left made the entire trip worth it. 

♥- Leilani

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