Tuesday, January 17, 2017
This morning was the most terrifying morning I have ever had in motherhood. I was rushing. This happened because I was rushing. We had a normal start to our day, like any other. We sat down for breakfast, the girls played with Justin for a little bit, and then I got the girls ready. Ava's speech class time changed from 11am to 945am per our request because earlier times fit our schedule better... but this morning, we were running late. I got Ava dressed later than normal. It took five minutes longer to brush through last night's bed hair, and this girl wanted to sing every song she knew while using the potty this morning. I rushed to throw on an old shirt and my watch.. I looked down at the time 9:09am... we needed to BOOK it! 

I scooped Olivia in my arms after putting socks on Ava and we went out to the garage. I opened the garage door, I asked Ava to stay in our driveway, and I buckled my sweet Livy. I never rush when it comes to buckling them in the car. Why would I? I always make sure they are secure - and then after I buckled her, I quickly shoved my keys in the ignition to start my car up so the girls could watch their show. Afterwards, Ava asked me to take her picture (like we do every morning) and then we quickly went to her side of my car to buckler her inside.. except the door wouldn't open. None of the doors would open. I immediately went into panic mode. I tried opening my trunk, my engine latch.. I freaked out. I called 911 and for some reason I couldn't get through.. The tears starting rolling. I started shaking. Ava kept saying, "Mommy! Sissy's in the car." I called Justin and he immediately reminded me to calm down.

While on the phone with my husband I get an unknown Texas number calling me and I switched over without even saying anything to Justin. Sure enough it was the 911 dispatcher. I spilled out everything as fast as I could. I could feel my voice breaking as I'm telling her that the car is running and my baby is strapped in her seat. She's telling me to calm down and mentions that another parent called in this morning who had locked their two year old in the car... hearing that didn't make me feel any better.. in fact, it made me panic just a little more than i had before because I didn't know what the outcome of their situation was. 

Seconds later the dispatcher tells me that the fire department would be on their way and that she would stay on the line with me. I told her I needed to call my husband, so she let me go - letting me know to call back if i needed to. I ended up calling the girls godmother, Leeana instead. For some reason I just needed to talk to someone that would calm me down. She stayed on the phone with me until the fire department arrived.. which was less than 5 minutes from the time I called 911. 

Olivia was watching Ava's movie the entire time and I tried to stay away from her window because I knew if she saw me - she'd start bawling. 4 or 5 firemen came into the garage, so sweet and kind.. They reassured me these things happened and they quickly went to my driver door. One firefighter was talking to Ava while I filled out the liability form and then as soon as I signed my name - I saw Ava's door open. Olivia was still content. It wasn't until she actually saw all the men peeking in at her did she start crying. I was so grateful for that.

I quickly unbuckled my sweet girl and I just held her tight. Thank God we were still at home. Thank God she was only in the car for only a matter of minutes. Thank God I had my phone to call 911. Thank god. Nothing in the world is worth rushing when your kids are involved. Nothing. I'm really not even sure how all of the doors were locked... I just know I never want to experience this again. I genuinely felt like a terrible mother this morning. Who locks their child in the car? Who? Everything comes second to the well being of these girls and even if we are running late - appointments can be reschedule.. my kids are irreplaceable. 

Also, firefighters are amazing human beings. Their job requires a level of benevolence that most of us will never have.. if it weren't for these gentleman this morning, I'd be beating myself up 10 times worse than I am right now.

♥- Leilani

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