Birth Control

Friday, April 21, 2017
It has been almost seven years since the last time I used any type of contraceptive (birth control) to prevent pregnancy. Now before you get all defensive- this is in no way a means of judging or shaming those who actively use birth control as a means to prevent pregnancy, regulate their menstrual, etc. No, this is my way of putting reminders out into the universe because I don't think there are nearly enough people advocating for women and their bodies. I have always said and will always stress the importance of being your own advocate when it comes to the choices being made regarding YOUR BODY. That being said, I witnessed something really awful this past week. My little sister had this onset of pain out of nowhere. She could barely facetime us, let alone talk. When she did answer her phone, all we heard were moans of pain and lots of tears. I felt helpless. Almost 3,000 miles stand between me and my sister and there was literally nothing I could do to help her. 

She couldn't get out of bed, she kept saying she felt as if her body was attacking itself - it was horrible. In between her fits of pain, she was also vomiting nonstop. Anytime she tried to drink or eat - it came right back up. Her situation seemed impossible and I encouraged her to head to the ER. She refused because she'd been down this road before. They kindly charge her an outrageous ER bill and send her on her way. Still in pain, with no explanation. I understood her resistance, but still pleaded with her to go. She didn't, but she was on the mend in a few days. When she was able, we discussed how often she got this pain. She told me it has always been this way. She had experienced this pain for years.

I started thinking about how on earth this healthy, young woman could have this type of pain with no explanation. And then something hit me. I started thinking more about the ONLY consistent thing my sister has taken since she was a teenager. Birth control. More specifically, nuva ring. The same contraceptive I used while taking birth control. She had just started a new ring and **boom** she just went through 3 days of severe pain in her abdomen. She started thinking too. Had she always experienced this pain when she'd start a new ring? She was stunned that something that was suppose to protect her could actually be causing her to have SO much pain as well. 

Though we have only read the experiences of others with nuva ring (just like my sister's experience) and the severe pains they've had - nothing concrete has been diagnosed. I know my sister is switching to something different (thank the heavens) and if her pain just mysteriously goes away after all this time I think we'll have an answer. I guess this is my way of reminding the women of the world to put their bodies first! Side effects are real and they can plague you for quite some time if you allow it. In a lot of situations (this actually happened to me) providers and physicians will prescribe something for you and we assume it has to appropriate because it is coming from a doctor - WRONG. With all the methods you can utilize, take your time and do your research. Advocate for yourself. Your body will thank you! 

Happy Friday all! 

♥- Leilani

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