Anatomy Scan

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
I had my anatomy scan this morning and it went so well! Baby was breech, so there are a couple of measurements that we'll have to try and take in a couple of weeks, but other than that - this little boy is healthy and growing as he should. Justin and Olivia came along to see our sweet little pickle and i'm so glad they did. Watching Justin in awe of our baby moving all around was a joy to me. This is the second pregnancy that my husband has been able to go to ultrasounds, appointments, and have tangible interactions with a pregnant Leilani - it has truly been such a blessing to have him here with me. Olivia kept saying, "excited" and "brother" each time we would direct her attention to the screen. The ultrasound tech was just swooning over how smart Olivia is and how aware she was of her baby brother. All the fears I've carried with me these last few months just kind of disappeared after today. My baby has the correct amount of toes, fingers, and eyes. His brain looks perfect, as does his heart, and other vital organs. I've been so scared that something was sure to be wrong because of the loss of a twin early on in this pregnancy. Any reassurance I can get that helps ease my worries is always a win in my's scan was definitely the biggest win we've had yet. 

Our sweet boy is just a few ounces shy of a pound and he's measuring ahead of his gestational age. I've been given the "OK" to fly - although this pregnancy is considered high risk. I'm glad this appointment came the day before we leave for Washington. I'm ready to just enjoy our trip knowing that baby boy is doing so wonderful in utero. I also love knowing that our boy will have technically spent a little time in my home state.. while I know it's not the same.. home is home and this is going to be such a special trip. It amazes me how quickly my pregnancy has progressed and it amazes me how loving and excited both of my girls have been since we told them that we are expecting this little one. Whenever Ava draws a photo (which is pretty often because, PRE-K) she always draws her brother too. She refers to him by his name and she talks about all the things she wants to teach him and all the activities they can do together. 

Nothing warms my heart more than watching my kid's gush over this little boy. He's so incredibly loved already and I cannot wait to have him in my arms. I think I'm going to start writing our little guy entries in a journal, just like I did for both of his big sisters. I feel more connected to this growing life than I've allowed myself to be my entire pregnancy. I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be here. It feels good to watch myself transition into this happy, glowing, expectant mother that I know all too well. It also feels good to watch Justin sort of let loose of the reigns a bit. I know he's worried about me almost always, but I've watched him sort of let his guard down a bit and realize that I am okay. That makes me feel like one million times better. I hate that he worries, but instinctively - I do it too. 

** ALSO, a super awesome blessing I've uncovered with my blog lately? Being able to go back to the same stages of pregnancy I had with both girls and compare my feelings.A sweet reminder of why I made the decision to document my life, my feelings, and our journey five years ago!

♥- Leilani

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