Pregnancy: 24 Weeks

Monday, November 20, 2017
Today is huge. It is more than huge. Today we have reached the milestone of all milestones in pregnancy. We have hit the viability mark. This means that if our sweet boy were to come early, his best chance of survival would start this week. While I'm hoping he doesn't come any earlier than March, it is completely comforting to know that modern technology and current medical advancements would be working hard to keep our son alive and well. I also completed all of my maternity pre-admission paperwork for the hospital we'll be delivering at. I have to say, I'm getting deja-vu all over again. At this milestone with each of my pregnancies... the time just begins to move by so quickly! 

How far Along24 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Our little pickle (we have decided to keep our sweet boy's name private for now).

Size of baby: About the length of an ear corn

Gender Prediction: It's a boy! Confirmed blood test at 12 weeks AND gender scan at 15 weeks. 

Symptoms: Heartburn, round ligament pains (ouch), and pinched nerves in the back

Best moment this week: Viability milestone met! 

Movement:  My sweet baby boy is on the move! I can feel him moving pretty regularly throughout the day. Still not feeling external kicks, but movement is movement at this stage.

Food Cravings: CHOCOLATE and caffeine 

Food Aversions: Anything acidic. I don't even go near spaghetti anymore.

What I Miss: Being able to sleep comfortably - I literally spend most of the night tossing and turning.

Sleep: I'm exhausted during the day - hence naps.. but I have the worst insomnia at night. Such a vicious cycle. 

Justin: My love has been so awesome! Ultrasound appointments, late night store runs, and insomnia induced conversations at 2AM... couldn't ask for much more. We finally worked out a theme this week and purchases are being made.. I know daddy is super excited to have his son join the trio of Denver Bronco fans that are already in the house. 

Ava: Ava, since the first day we told her she was having a brother... she has just been so dang amazing. She rubs my belly, talks to her brother constantly, and she's always asking questions. "Is my baby brother sleeping right now?" "Is he playing in there?" just the sweetest things. She wants to be so involved and I have no doubt that she'll be the same incredible big sister to her brother that she has been to her sister.

Olivia: Oh my Livy bean. She loves to look at her baby brother's clothes, she loves kissing my belly, and she loves poking my belly to "wake up brudder" - all the time. She is in the phase where everything is "mine" and that makes me a little nervous for when her brother arrives. 
What I am looking forward to this weekThanksgiving, family time, and a little break from the hustle and bustle. 

Happy or moody most of the time: I am a happy mama, but I have noticed over the last two weeks that when I get upset or angry... I am not quiet about it. I know my testosterone levels are likely the highest they have ever been in my life - which probably has everything to do with the fact that I just have zero chill. I feel brash, I make comments about wanting to kick people in the shin more than I ever have in my life (I'm not carrying out this notion), and rather than crying about stuff like i normally would - I get mad. Let's hope this passes quickly! 

♥- Leilani

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