Olivia Rose: Toddlerhood 23 months

Thursday, December 21, 2017
It has been a solid three months since I've shared a toddler update with you guys and SO much has changed! Life has been busy, BUT I told myself when the girls went down for their naps today to take some time to blog, sip on some lemon tea, and blast Passenger to my heart's content. Here we are! Olivia is one month away from being a two-year-old. How surreal is that? She is vibrant, sassy, strong-willed, loud, opinionated, stubborn, little babe. In the same breath, she is as sweet as pie and she has a smile that could turn any bad day into a good one.

New Things: So much to cover. First.. communication. She can string together 3-4 words (maybe more?) on average. She has great articulation, great sound, great language, and her receptive ability blows us away. She talks SO much and she keeps us all laughing with her added flare. Something else that's new that just happened the other day - Olivia Rose is sleeping in her own bed. She's been sleeping in her toddler bed for like two or three months? On and off - (our consistency derailed), until this mama started getting MORE pregnant. Now Olivia sleeps in her toddler bed every single day for naps and for the last two nights has slept the entire night in her own room, in her own bed. She's also started using the big girl potty and is extremely proud of herself whenever her potty sings the "you did it" song! I have never, and will never push potty training, but it is awesome to watch our youngest show interest already.

Milestones: We are fairly certain our little girl has all of her teeth at this point, with the exception of her rear molars. Knowing that teething will soon be a thing of the past is most definitely a milestone to make note of. Olivia can count to ten (most days), she knows her colors, her animals, and she can identify some shapes. She's a bit more advanced in certain areas, and we encourage alll the learning games and hands-on experiences with both girls.

Changes: Our girl is in 18-24 month/ 2T clothing, which means... she has hit her first plateau. She has gotten taller, but also her body has become a lot more proportioned over the last few months. Less baby chunk cheeks and thighs and more toddler-like features. Her hair is getting SO long and it remains SO curly. 
SO. MUCH. GROWTH. I cannot wait to ring in the new year and shortly after, Olivia's second birthday. 

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