Oh, Peanut

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Liam's baby book arrived this week and I've been sorting through photos like crazy! I really want to get his first few pages started before my energy level plummets (or before I go into labor). I came across my nine week ultrasound scan last night - normally those earlier scans make me super sad, but not so much anymore. I smiled as I looked down at my "peanut" looking little boy. Funny enough, he was suppose to resemble a grape according to my baby center app... all I seem to see is this peanut shaped baby that was always meant to be ours. 

I wrapped my arms around myself and I whispered, "I love you peanut" to my growing boy... wouldn't you know this baby starting moving ALL OVER THE PLACE. The rest of the night. I kid you not, ask his daddy. I don't think Justin's ever felt Liam kick SO many times with such force. Even when Justin tried talking to him (placing his head on my belly) Liam still kicked away. We have never experienced so much movement all at once like that. It lasted almost a full 20 minutes or so? One thing is for absolute sure: We love connecting with our boy.
Seriously. I wish you guys could see me as of late. I just feel so dang ready. Liam is getting bigger, I can feel that. We talk about him every single day as if he's been a part of our lives for years and I find myself touching all of his little baby things because somehow that makes me feel like I'll be meeting him real soon. Though four weeks may not seem like a long time, I know it's going to feel like forever for our family. Aside from rearranging our car seat setup with the kids, all we really have left to do is laundry for the rest of the 0-3 month clothing and placing an order for the Chicco stroller. I still can't believe we are in the home stretch. 
Side note, a musical fun fact for this pregnancy? Whenever I play "Canon In D" by Pachelbel Liam moves quite a bit. It's funny because Ava did the exact same thing. I don't remember playing very much classical music with Olivia though. I wonder if this somehow contributed to her larger than life personality? Is it obvious that I could gab for hours about my little Howland babies?
On that note, enjoy your Wednesday, all! ALSO. Baby gear, boy mom tips, and anything parenthood related that you want to share?
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I love hearing from you guys and the information I've received during my pregnancy has been more helpful than you can imagine- so keep it coming!

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