Liam Arthur: One month

Monday, April 9, 2018
How did we get here so fast? Yesterday marked the one month milestone in Liam's life - let me tell you, the last month has been bananas (in the best ways of course) and while my son has been growing, so have I. I have learned to be a little easy on myself, carry more grace than I do criticism, and take as much time/patience as I need to raise all three of my babies the best I can. That being said, Liam has been an absolute dream. This time last year we didn't know if we'd ever welcome another child into our family, and now here we are! As always, here's a rundown of the first four weeks with our newest babe. 
Week 1: We spent less than 48 hours of Liam's life in the hospital after he was born. This was the first time we'd ever left the hospital with one of our babies before that 48 hour mark. Liam nursed like a champ from the first latch, he was circumcised (I struggled with this decision heavily, and I still do) - Justin stayed with him during that procedure, and our son passed all those fresh 48 newborn tests the hospital administers. Coming home with Liam wasn't nearly as chaotic as I thought it would be. The kids' god mama was still here, Justin was still on paternity leave, and that left me with a lot of helping hands. I basically slept with Liam, changed him, and napped with our newbie constantly the first few days. I set three alarms in the middle of the night to change the babe, just for those first few days (I've done this with all three kids). We took our first family walk to the park, Liam had his first Moby wrap experience, and tummy time happened for the first time on his fifth day of life.
Week 2: Justin went back to work and this changed the whole dang game in our house. We did our first grocery shopping trip INSIDE a grocery store (I emphasize on this because I am a religious click list grocery orderer) and Liam did great.. he did start crying at check out, but I was able to wrap that up quickly and head to the car to nurse him. Liam had his two weeks check up with our NP and all went well. Gaining weight as he should, his level of alert behavior was noticed, and his circumcision area was healed correctly. I introduced the pacifier for car rides (Justin wasn't happy about this, but... sanity! and Liam doesn't care for it 98% of the time anyway). 

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