Crispy Salmon

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We found ourselves on a major Masterchef kick this past Spring. Justin makes thee best crispy salmon I have ever had! Paired so well with easy sides like chive mashed potatoes and corn - this meal is so filling and one that our entire family enjoys! 
Salmon Filet
Olive Oil
Take your filet of salmon, and roll it, skin side facing out. Place the retracted salmon filet on the cutting board, and score your skin layer crosswise about 50 % inch deep. Keep your cuts close together for getting extra crispy salmon skin, and score the whole length on the salmon filet. Scoring the salmon filet prevents it from curling while cooking, ensuring it’s cooked nice and evenly.

Open each score and sprinkle salt to the cut.
Heat the skillet over med heat, and add olive oil when the pan is hot. Add the salmon, skin side down, when the oil actually starts to lightly smoke. Keep your fingers on top from the salmon filet to get a bit to help keep it nice and flat. Season the top it with salt, and DON’T touch it anymore! Watch the salmon, and transform, if it has colored 2/3rds on the way within the filet. Once you have flipped the salmon, tilt the pan, allowing all on the remaining organic olive oil coat the bottom with the salmon for just a nice evenly cooked salmon filet. Cook for the next minute roughly, watching along with. Remove the pan from heat, flip the salmon back to your skin layer side, and allow it to cook a minute.
Voila! I paired this meal with yummy mussels, but it can literally go with anything. This recipe is a Gordon Ramsay special and I am so glad we found it! 

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