Hello, Washington

Friday, July 27, 2018
I have not come off of cloud nine quite yet. I am seriously beaming SO BIG inside. Yes, you read those words correctly. Our family is relocating (at the end of the year) to the great Pacific Northwest. I cannot believe it. I'm just in complete shock and so dang thankful that Justin decided to fill out that "wish list" location sheet. I mean, I don't think either of us thought that we'd end up moving back to Washington this quickly, but boy are we extremely happy about it. We told the girls yesterday morning and I wish I could copy/paste Ava's face into this blog. She was SO dang happy! "We are going home!" - thats what my baby kept saying. I love that the kids consider Washington their home. I am often told that your home is where you make it...which yes, that's technically true. For us, its more than just a preference of region though.
Washington is the place that I first met Justin. It's the place where I fell in love with my husband. Washington is the home that blessed us with more time with my mom, SO many wonderful memories from Ava's toddlerhood, and the birth of our second born. We have so many stories and adventures that all tie us back to the place that made the last eight years of my life possible. I think thats why other places pale in comparison. Don't get me wrong, we make an adventure out of every move and we always leave a state with way more than we arrived with. I will never not appreciate the life lessons and memories I have made from moving with the Army. It is with the moves that I have learned to be flexible when need be. I have learned to adapt. I have learned to make lemonade when life affords lemons.
Those are some of the attributes I hope the kids take away from being apart of a military family as well. Adaptability is so key! Anyways, I'm rambling.. some of the things I'm nervous about? Moving Ava in the middle of her kindergarten year. I know, I know, its just "kindergarten" but for me its moving my child before she's barely tapped into the stepping stone of her education. Not knowing how different the structure of schools will be is something I'm worried about too. This whole move is going to be centered around getting Ava into a good school district in a good area. 
Justin and I talked about this last night and we will basically be living 35 minutes from his potential center just for our sweet girl. Education matters! I hope the choices we are trying to make result in the best outcome for my our kiddos. I'm also nervous about driving over 1600 miles by myself. We had planned on having the kids' god mama come down next summer (when Justin was originally projected to leave Texas) and drive with me and the kids to our next destination.... but with our move date being pushed up and right smack in the middle of the holiday season, I'm not so sure. 
We are likely going to have the Army move our home goods, so towing Justin's care behind a U-HAUL is not an option and it would still mean I'd have to drive the mom wagon alone anyways. Ahh! I'm trying not to let these worries eat at me because in the grand scheme of things, the outcome is going to be sweet. I need to just breath and buckle up. These next four months are going to be one heck of a ride! 

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