Kindergarten: Ava's First Two Weeks

Thursday, August 30, 2018
Ava has officially been in kindergarten for about two weeks now and we are adjusted. The coolest part about experiencing this new season of change is watching my daughter acclimate so quickly. The environment that her school provides has always been an atmosphere that Ava is comfortable in. She loves learning, she loves being social, and she absolutely loves the dynamics of her school. I think all of those factors contribute to the success of this transition. I wasn’t worried about her nearly as much as I was worried about me being worried. I thought the full day of school would create a tired and cranky Ava… my child is going against the grain in that sense. She literally shows zero signs of tired or cranky behavior in the hours leading up to bedtime. She has so much energy even though I know she uses energy constantly at school. I guess its a good thing that she’s able to manage this type of schedule well. We fully plan on allowing her to participate in extra curriculums as she pleases when we move back West this fall.

First Week: Literally consisted of two whole days. School started on a Thursday and then they went to school on Friday. This mama was able to pack yummy lunches, get Ava ready for school, and entertain/care for the other babes with shocking ease. We woke up thirty minutes earlier than we did for preschool and that definitely gave us plenty of time to get ready and out the door well before 730am. We learned that the carpool line requires mama to arrive at Ava’s school MUCH earlier than school actually releases. I don’t mind though. Gives Liam + Olivia time to nap and I don’t have to wait clear on onto the street to pick up my child.

Second Week: Ava already made some new friends outside of the little people she met in pre-k. They wasted zero time diving into learning, she went to her specials (music, P.E., science, etc), and prepared for the bear parade that the each kindergarten class participates in to celebrate their first successful week of kindergarten. This child could not wait to get into the mom wagon and tell me all the things about her day. I love it. We are working with a few new things now that Ava is in kindergarten. One being a daily folder and homework. She loves it though! Our girl is already writing SO many new words and phrases on her own without direct instruction, its crazy. I still help with writing sentences, but she is off to a great start.

With a solid schedule, eager kinder, and communicative teacher - we are off to a fantastic start for Ava’s kindergarten year!

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