Liam Arthur: Five Months Old

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
My son. My sweet baby boy is five months old today and if I am being honest, this is hard. His infancy is going by so fast and all I want to do is press the pause button. Our lives are currently "go go go" and as we are going through the motions of hustle + bustle and raising small children, my sweet boy is just growing too dang fast. I held onto my boy SO much more than normal (which isn't say much since that's pretty much what I do on the daily) today. I'm so excited to watch him grow... it just feels so bittersweet this time around.
Clothes: I honestly think my son is pushing 20 pounds? Maybe a little more or a little less? Six month clothing is becoming a thing of the past and nine-month clothing is a go (pretty much). All of his six months sized shorts are TIGHT and they look so uncomfortable for my little peanut. I've been buying twelve month clothing because I know he's not far off from being in that size and I just can't believe how much he's growing! Sleepers in 6-9 months still fit fine, but its the everyday clothes that are becoming a bit tricky.
Health: Liam is in wonderful health! He hasn't been plagued by another cold just yet and his skin irritation (we thought it was eczema or dermatitis) has cleared up for the most part. Sometimes I'll see a small flare up on his back or a patch on his upper thigh, but after liberally applying the eucerin creme for babies, it doesn't take long for his skin to be back in the clear <--- still completely true for his fifth-month update too! 

Feeding: We still nurse on demand and Liam is feeding either every other hour or maybe 2-3 hours in between each feeding. We won't be introducing any solid foods until he's six months old, so it's solely breastmilk for the next thirty days. You guys know how proud I am to have established my third breastfeeding journey, successfully. The comfort for Liam that's associated with nursing is pretty incredible. Although I'm curious to see how solids will impact our nursing relationship, I'm in no rush for my son to have foreign nourishment. It's crazy to me that we've made it through five whole months of nursing.
Sleep: My son is SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SLEEPER. Seriously. This was the one area I was worried about (I've had SO many people tell me how sleep patterns with boys are more challenging) because I have never lost sleep during my kids' infancy - Liam is no different. He's a gem and he co-sleeps just fine. I did actually lay him in his crib last week (he fell asleep on my chest) because I wanted to see if he would stir or sleep in his crib... he slept in it for almost 35 whole minutes! I was shocked. We set up a nursery/toddler room for Liam and his sissy, hence the crib (blog post to come!) and so far its been nice to have an extra place in the house to lay my baby boy safely.  

Milestones: Neck muscles are getting SO strong. He can scoot himself like into different angles when he's doing tummy time. He still hasn't rolled over from back to tummy, but we still have plenty of time for that to happen. He is talking SO much more now. Lots of "baa baa baa" and a few other words when he's upset. He's got the strongest grip (and has for a while) but his sisters don't appreciate their hair being pulled almost anytime he's near them.
Things You Like: Surprisingly, peanut has become a fan of the swing. I've had this swing since my first baby and each kiddo has given it a try at one point or another. Liam fell asleep in the swing the other night and absolutely loves the moving mobile. I know he likes the swinging motion too, and again its nice to have a safe place to put my son when I need free hands. You like when your sisters sing to you, you like when mama kisses your little cheeks and hands, you also like when daddy makes funny faces. Your belly laugh is infectious and it literally lights up our entire world. You are showing us more of your personality son and I fall more in love with who you are every single day. Happy five months my sweet baby!

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