GizmoPal 2

Wednesday, October 3, 2018
I am a helicopter mom by nature. I worry, I wonder, and I constantly want to know that my kids are safe and sound (just like any good parent). Ava is in an all day Kindergarten program and I can’t even begin to tell you how many worry warts popped up with that thought alone. My daughter has always been in my care and the thought of her being away from me for almost eight hours a day was really hard. Especially since Texas is a state that hasn’t abolished corporal punishment in schools. The thought of an adult I don’t know disciplining my daughter in a physical way… The “what if” wheel started turning and I immediately took to the web to find a solution that would ease my worries (and be acceptable for school). I wanted to find something that would allow Ava to communicate with me if she felt unsafe, unsure, etc. without terribly disrupting the boundaries, policies, or classroom. Thus, the gizmopal 2. Guys, it has been such an awesome tool for us and constant reassurance for Ava.

** We also considered Ava’s age, her maturity, and her understanding that this was not something she could play with or use whenever she wanted. ** This watch is for emergencies - she’s also only able to make/receive calls from mommy, daddy, or Mama Lee (her god mom) and that’s another feature of this watch that I love. It doesn’t feel like I’m putting a smartphone in my five year old’s hands. There are no apps, texting, web surfing, or phone calls being made outside of the contacts I already listed.Once we established that, we were good to go. The watch itself is a little bulkier than I would like but it doesn’t hinder Ava’s ability to play, jump, run, color, learn, etc. while she is at school. The watch is pink (which she loves), and the screen is black until prompted by button or parent via the app. The time doesn’t even show, which I appreciate because it takes away any potential distraction that this sort of gadget could create. The app that the parents download to maneuver this watch is so easy, I love it! I am able to see Ava’s location, her battery life, I can put the watch in quiet mode for “X” amount of hours, and I can power the watch down. I love that you are able to input the contacts that you want your child to have on hand and that the watch actually says them by the name you chose, ie: Mommy, Daddy, Mama (for Mama Lee). There are other customizable features (ringtones, voice sounds, etc.) but I don’t really use any of that stuff. I bought this watch through Verizon for $30 and the monthly bill is $15 (only $5 for those that have Verizon as their carrier). We are almost two months into the school year and I haven’t had a single day of worry for my girl. Ava’s accidentally called me a couple of times but never needed to contact me for anything serious. That’s all we hoped for, but you really cannot put a price on piece of mind.

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