Liam Arthur: 7 months old

Monday, October 8, 2018
Liam lamb! You have grown so much in the last month. I mean, you normally do, but this month… this was the month that you had change happen in just about every element of your life. It has been the best thing ever to enjoy your milestones as they arrive rather than wishing for them to hurry along. You have shown us that everything you do will be in your own time and you have you entire family behind you rooting for your continued growth sweet boy.

Clothes: Winter clothes are almost among us and this sweet angel is in 12 -18 months clothing. I love that he’ll be all snug in winter socks, cold weather jackets, and flannels. I am absolutely loving all the blues, greens, and oranges that seem to be the preferred color array for little boys. I have recently started purchasing super hero outfits (Batman, specifically) and I know Justin absolutely loves seeing his little boy wearing some of the same things he did in his younger years.

Health: My boy recently got over yet another cold in our house. This time it was runny nose and a sleep baby boy. I know colds just build his immune system, but it doesn’t make it easier to hear my sweet boy congested and uncomfortable. Other than the cold, he’s been in perfect healthy. His eczema flair ups seem to be at bay for now (not breaking out in his usual area) and we are religious with our bathing routine/moisturizing routine.

Feeding: For the past month Liam has been eating purees like a champ! He takes to eating extremely well and because of that, baby led weaning hasn’t really happened quite yet. I have tried giving Liam bananas and noodles in little pieces but he didn’t seem all that interested. We continue to try new foods every couple of days and so far it seems as if our boy likes fruits over his veggies (just like his sisters).

Sleep: I officially jinxed myself. I’m not sure I’d say its a sleep regression but this boy has been having a difficult time going down for bed at night. Normally, Liam nurses and falls asleep no problem. Lately, he’s fighting his sleep even though he’s clearly tired. Once he’s asleep though, he sleeps through the night (which is still very much appreciated). I’ve never had a hard time getting my babies to sleep, so this is definitely giving me a run for my money. The Lillebaby has been a GOD SEND. I strap Liam on my back most nights and walk around until he falls asleep.

Milestones: My Lamb has been rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back for the past month now. He can scoot and move himself from facing one way to facing another. My baby cut both of his bottom teeth and I’m pretty sure I felt a nub on the top gums as well. He’s talking more: saying, “ba ba, da da, and sometimes ma ma” pretty regularly. He’s so vocal and we love/encourage it.

Things You Like: Liam loves when daddy makes silly faces with him (he laughs such a sweet little baby laugh when this happens), he loves when big sister Ava kisses his little fingers and plays with his toys alongside him, and he loves when sister Olivia kisses his nose. I’ve noticed that our boy loves to be held and cuddles more than he loves to nurse. I’m okay with that. Nursing is essential, but those baby cuddles. I will cuddle my boy just as long as he’ll allow me to.

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