Liam Arthur: 8 Months Old

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
I can’t decide what I’m more emotional about. The fact that my son is just a mere four months away from celebrating his first full year, or the fact that the next time I write a milestone blog post we will no longer live in the only home my son has ever known. When I think about how much Liam has grown I think about the house we brought him home to from the hospital. I think about those early newborn days and how I’d find myself sleeping in Justin’s “man cave” more often than not - baby boy, snuggled into my arms. It doesn’t seem possible that eight months have passed. It just doesn’t. I can recall almost every single detail of Liam’s arrival as if it were just yesterday, and yet here we are. This past month went by extremely quick. With Halloween, visits from his great gran, and new milestones met - we had a lot going on.

Clothes: Lamby has CHUNKY thighs (like his daddy) so finding pants to fit has become a hassle. In the summer months I was able to utilize those athletic looking shorts from carters… but we don’t have that luxury with these Washington winters. We need fleece, we need warm, we need thick.. which means, I’ll be going up another size to accommodate our growing boy. For the bulk of his clothing we are still in 12-18months, but I’ve started buying 18 month sleepers and 18-24 winter clothing lately.

Health: The eczema flair ups don’t really happen like I thought they would. He can go days without any sign of red irritated skin - but then he’ll have a day where he’s scratching at his skin and you see the red bumps along his neck, thigh, and little chunky leg. I feel so bad for my boy. I know I hate being itchy, so I cannot imagine how he feels. We use Aquaphor quite liberally and continue to with every diaper change. I’m hoping to actually utilize medication once he’s old enough.

Feeding: Our boy is still eating through his purees really well. I’ve started feeding him prunes between purees to prevent him from becoming constipated. He takes to purees much better than I expected, so I’ve slowed down on the baby led weaning. Especially because we’ll be road tripping next month. It is MUCH easier to pack purees for sure.

Sleep: Our boy is back on his normal sleep pattern (thank goodness). Liam takes about three naps during the day and finds himself down for bedtime at around 8pm? Maybe later depending on how active we are at putting him to sleep. He sleeps through the night perfectly and he’s been sleeping in until about the time daddy takes his big sister to school. I’m so thankful to have had three awesome sleepers! Thank you, Lamby!

Milestones: He’s so close to rocking! I can feel it. He will be crawling before we know it. Liam has been so active with his floor time these last few weeks. He loves grabbing anything in his reach and he gets SO upset when a toy falls or something is taken from him. His laughter is hysterical and watching him engage with his sisters is such a sight to see. He can sit up unassisted for quite some time now and if he sees something he wants, it usually ends up in his mouth once he reaches it.

Things You Like: MUSIC. Hands down. Music is the one full proof way to get our son to soothe. He has a select playlist that he prefers and anything outside of that isn’t very helpful. Liam LOVES peek-a-boo- and he absolutely loves when his sister’s get on the floor (his level) to play with him. He’s been showering with mama during bath time lately and he loves playing with the water and is completely fascinated as to why he cannot grab it. He loves his exersaucer much more than both of his sisters (though we don’t use it very often).

This little boy is just such a happy baby and we love it. Eight months of pure bliss with my sweet Liam Arthur and we just feel so blessed.

P.S. My mother-in-law mentioned (again) about the lack of birth announcements I sent out this time around. We’ve always sent them, this time… we just didn’t. BUT I did go ahead and make one for the sake of having something tangible other than social media. Here it is!

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