Nana's Visit

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
The kids got the sweetest treat this fall! Nana flew down from New York and spent the week with us during our last season here in Texas. The girls had an absolute blast! Seeing them so excited about their Nana made my heart so happy. They always enjoy spending time with her and we are so tickled to have established a normalcy with their great gran. This was the first time the kids got to spend Halloween with Nana and it proved nothing short of fantastic! The first day Nana arrives she rode with me to pick Ava up from school.

Ava completely lit up when I arrived at pick up with Nana alongside me. Such a sweet moment for those two! Olivia would not leave Nana’s side the entire time she was here. It was so sweet to watch our younger babe love on her great gran. The next day, Nana got to spend time in Ava’s kinder class for a “fall party” and she was able to participate in some of the festivities. So many people couldn’t believe that Nana was indeed a great grandmother (good genes!) because of how young she looked. Trick or treating in rainy weather was an interesting element for sure, but Nana still put on her Glinda costume and totally rocked it alongside the rest of us!

I was completely impressed with how active Nana participates with our littles. She’s seriously the best! After helping the kids sort through candy, saving us from being locked out of the house (long story), and indulging in the stash from the kids - we were pooped! Such a good day filled with so many sweet memories.

The rest of our week was filled with painting, explorations, and prepping for showings on the rental house. Nana spotted a snake in our cul-de-sac (UGH) and that was… well, interesting. Justin managed to find another snake on our back porch when he was cleaning (UGH) and that alone put me in the mood to leave Texas and NEVER return. Justin and Nana went out for a night on the town in Oklahoma (Winstar Casino) where they both (simultaneously) lost $400 and I stayed up waiting for them like a mother hen, naturally.

It was so great having Justin’s grandmother here. Seriously. The house smelled like freshly brewed coffee each morning, I always manage to learn something new from Nana when she spends times time with us, and of course, all of the things we need sewed are miraculously fixed and stitched. We are so blessed to have her and we cannot wait for her visit in our new Washington home in just a few short months.

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