Meal Prepping: $50 or less

Sunday, January 27, 2019
This weekend I had the divine pleasure of having one of my favorite gals over to show me how to meal prep more effectively. 

I have tried meal prepping in the past but I've never been motivated enough to keep at it and remain consistent. I don't know why I decided to give it a go round again, but I'm glad I'm trying my hand at this once more. With Justin working farther away from home, dinner together is almost always out of the question. Not to mention trying to find the time to pack lunch in the morning with the hustle and bustle of our crew - things are hectic and people are hungry, we needed to find a solution that worked for everyone. Thus, the magic of meal prep. I had three goals going into this prior to our grocery haul. Cost efficient. Can I keep meals under fifty dollars every single week? Variety. Can I find enough yummy meals that would keep for five days in the fridge? Commitment. Can I truly keep up with this week after week?

All the answers to my questions were a BIG and enthusiastic (I might add), YES! The next step was the grocery haul. Finding meat, fruits, veggies, etc. that I know Justin and Ava would like ( since I pack all of Ava's school lunches I thought meal prep might be a great option for her meals as well).  Strawberries, raspberries, chicken, ground turkey, pinto beans, black beans, green peppers, fat-free cheese, and mixed veggies were the bulk of the haul. I did grab a couple of dairy items for Ava that I know she enjoys, but outside of that, we had everything else we needed at home.

Leeana showed me how to make her take on chicken adobo and she made the most flavorful batch of ground turkey I have ever had. Honestly, I think the protein aspect is always the hardest part for me. Not making redundant proteins but also making sure that what I am serving has a good amount of flavor. **In addition to the meats, I boiled some hard-boiled eggs for the week. They are such a great alternative and Ava loves them in her lunch. All of the items we bought came out to less than $50 bucks! I love the cost efficiency here.

The final product includes ten meals: two containers per day (lunch and dinner for Justin). **I bought new meal prepping containers and for twenty pieces it cost me less than seven dollars** I paired the ground turkey and bell pepper with fat-free cheese, pinto beans, corn, and a raspberry strawberry medley (thank you, Leeana) which creates a taco bowl effect. I paired the chicken adobo with corn, strawberries/raspberries, and I made side salads (not pictured) with grape tomatoes/cucumbers.

I'm giving this an active go for the next four weeks! Stay tuned for the update.

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