Olivia Rose: Three Years Old

Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy birthday to my beautiful, sassy, intelligent, hilarious little girl!

I cannot believe it has been three full years since Justin and I welcomed our second baby girl into the world on our marriage anniversary (I also cannot believe we are celebrating our baby in her birth state this year). Olivia decided she wanted a Moana themed birthday party and it was a total blast! I loved taking photos of her for her special day near the ocean - full Moana vibes and all. This past year Olivia took OFF with all the things development. She speaks so incredibly well, she's fluent in letter sounds, days of the week, months, colors, numbers, etc. She is such a sponge and absolutely loves learning from her older sister.

Olivia loves to play dress up, dollhouse, kitchen play, dolls, and pretty much all the things toddlers enjoy at this age. Toddler meltdowns happen when she doesn't get her way (she's still extremely strong-willed) or she's really tired. They aren't as often or nearly as theatrical as they were six months ago. Being able to communicate with my sweet girl effectively has made a world of difference. As of her birthday, Olivia is officially and completely potty trained! I do keep pull-ups on hand just in case we are faced with a LONG trip, but other than that and the occasional late night drinking, our girl is set to go!

Moving across the country from the only home you've ever known is terrifying for anyone, but Olivia has taken each change in stride and we are so proud of her adaptability. This child of ours says the most outrageous things and she's just so stinkin' hilarious. We are incredibly blessed to have such a spunky child to call ours.

I wrote this on facebook:

Of course, my winter baby would take on a Moana theme in the middle of January. But if you know Olivia, that is totally her.


This past year with you has been full of so much grace, patience, humility, and constant learning. You continuously wow us with how incredibly smart you are. You are so dang receptive, communicative, COMBATIVE, and strong-willed. You know what you want and you don't settle for anything less (I'm almost certain this is a trait you've inherited from me), which I love. Your personality is larger than life and your heart is even bigger. We adore all your lip sync/dance battles. Watching you show compassion for people/things that you care about... I am always instantly moved to tears. You walked into your big sister duties, both hands on deck and you are rockin' it! You constantly make Liam laugh, as well as the rest of our crew. We are eternally grateful that you chose us to be your parents. You bring us so much joy, today, and every day.

P.S. You are still, without a doubt, the best anniversary present daddy and I could have ever given one another!

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