An Open Letter: To The Man That Made Me A Mom

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Today, I bundled all three of our babies in their winter wear and we walked into Ava's school for pastries with parents. This setting, all too familiar to me, was filled with bright-eyed elementary aged kiddos and their moms/dads. As I sat down to listen to the head of the booster club talk about some of the volunteer opportunities, the thought that entered my mind was, "I'm so excited that I can volunteer this Spring." The second thought was, "I'm so glad I get to be a part of all this." The very next moment I thought about how blessed I feel to have been given this opportunity to raise my children in this all-knowing way. To be available to them without feeling guilty about missing any other obligation... and then, of course, you come to mind. We made the decision before we even had children, but I want you to know, how grateful I truly am that you have afforded our family a life where our children have access to their mom 24/7. That is something I never had as a child and it means absolutely everything to watch my children experience every single bit of childhood that I was unable to.

Being able to get them ready in the morning and pick them up from school in the afternoon. Being able to take the middle of the day frozen yogurt trips or finding ourselves in some magical book from our local library. Making the decision to let them play at the park a little longer before dinner and having the patience to let their little hands help while I'm cooking dinner. Taking pictures of all of their moments and being able to explain to them why I wanted to. Dressing up Barbie dolls and braiding their hair and then turning to my side to bang the drums to their hearts' content. Watching the kids say their prayers and snuggling together to watch one of their favorite Disney programs. Hearing every random thought that enters their mind and helping our oldest write down all her hopes/dreams.

I want you to know that the mother I am is in large part because of you. You always hear me talk about living in this world where motherhood is celebrated, yet fatherhood isn't discussed nearly as much as it should be... and it should be. Your fatherhood has been incredibly supportive and equally as necessary for our growing family. It is because of your encouragement, that I felt confident enough to try every avenue of parenting that we deemed imperative for our little ones. It is because of your support that I don't put myself down any longer about being just a "stay at home mom" because let's face it, I'm basically a rock star living on a prayer and the occasional coffee. It is because of your love that I am elated to be in this season that we are in for the sake of our family. I love you so, so much honey (I'm getting choked up as I write this because you are by far one of the most incredible people I have ever known and I just admire you, babe).

People often tell me that I am this incredible mama and while I always say thank you, I wish they knew all the many details that go into making my motherhood possible.

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