Chicco Car Seats

Thursday, February 14, 2019
When Ava was around eight months old her infant car seat brand (at the time) had a recall. Being a first-time parent, I wasn’t even aware that car seats could have a recall…

and that was the moment I quickly became passionate about everything related to car seat safety for my child. The idea that a seat of our choosing could potentially be faulty or bring harm to our baby didn’t sit well with me. I’ll (embarrassingly) admit that during my pregnancy with Ava I made the choice to go with a brand that everyone knew. If everyone knows a brand that makes it credible, right? So wrong. I remember Justin and me spending countless hours in the days following researching brands, recalls, reviews, etc. We finally decided that we’d be using the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Seat and I’ll tell you, we have never looked back. We started using the convertible seat when Ava was eight months old and she remained in that five-point harness until she was four years old (she most definitely could still be in the convertible seat today). The seat itself has every single feature needed for a safe, comfortable, long-lasting trip and it is the only seat we use once our children outgrow their infant car seats. Not to mention the install is so easy and there are indicators to let you know whether or not you have installed the seat correctly. There are a ton of awesome features but the three that we appreciate the most are:

Super Cinch: Force-multiplying tightener for installation with the vehicle LATCH system
ReclineSure: Fits a wider range of vehicles in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes
Extended Rear-facing: Even though this is the only seat we’ve ever known, knowing that our babies can comfortably rear face for an extended period of time is nice. We usually switch the babies before they get to this point, but I foresee Liam being an extended rear facer. 
Liam just graduated from his Chicco infant car seat and has now joined Olivia with the convertible seat. This is easily one of our favorite products and I’m so glad its remained safe and reliable for the last six years. 
***BONUS, these seat covers are so easy to take on and off to wash treat

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