Mama Got Sick

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Two words - Stomach Flu. That has been my life for the better part of the last week. Last Thursday I picked Ava up from school and shortly after I immediately began to have abdominal cramps/pains that I have literally never felt before. I tried to just relax with Liam (he was asleep), so I let the girls watch a little show while I tried to shake whatever it was that had my stomach in a fit. Relaxing didn’t happen and in addition to the stomach pains I was having, I started to feel really tired. I immediately texted Justin to let him know what was going on and then I somehow managed to close my eyes for a few minutes and get a cat nap in (with Liam still in my arms). When I woke up to make the girls dinner, I was feeling so much worse. I didn’t want to walk, I didn’t want to talk, I just didn’t want to move. I was racking my brain trying to figure out if it was something I ate earlier that day… but nothing really seemed to stick out. I made it through the evening with the kids until Justin came home and that’s when the nauseous waves and cold hands/feet kicked. That feeling of the cold hands/feet is always an indicator that I am about to spike a fever. Justin took my temperature and it showed I had a fever of over 103. Wow. I had no idea. Immediately concerned, Justin took the kids and I headed downstairs to try and shower and head to bed early.
I think I finally went down at around 8pm or so and I woke up the next morning at 7. I thought for sure I’d have some relief, but I didn’t. I felt worse in other ways. Not to mention I was literally running to the bathroom every other hour (so disgusting). Friday was a bit of a blur. We knew Ava was getting an award at her STAR assembly and there was absolutely no way I was missing that. So, with two kids in tow (Justin had to work), and a completely nauseous gut, we made our way to the elementary school to celebrate our girl. This was so hard for me. Other parents were trying to talk and be social per usual - and I could barely open my mouth to form a sentence because I was in so much pain. The entire ordeal took about an hour and I’m so thankful that Olivia and Liam were absolute gems during the assembly. We were able to root for our girl, take a picture of Ava, and then head back home to get some rest. Olivia, Liam, and I napped for over two hours when we got back home and trust me when I say that I absolutely needed more sleep. Friday night I ended up going to bed as soon as Justin got home and Saturday night I did the same thing as well.
I have literally never slept so much in my adult life. The only thing that has really helped is pushing fluids and resting. At one point, all I was eating was ice chips because I could not stomach anything else. This was such a brutal experience for me. I never get sick but when I do, it's never this bad. I’ve heard all about the norovirus going around in our region and I honestly think that is what I had. I’m currently on the mend and today I actually feel human again (thank god)! Here’s hoping the sickness is behind us and we have healthier days for this mama ahead.

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