Ava: Dinosaurs

Sunday, July 21, 2019

For the last several months, Ava has taken quite an interest in all things dinosaurs.

I distinctly remember the first time we took the kids to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle earlier this year - Ava was thoroughly engrossed in the dinosaur displays. My oldest babe can sometimes be pretty sensitive to content, so I was delightfully surprised when she kept asking questions and engaging with different displays/models. Fast forward to our summer break, all things dinosaurs have been a go. We made a trip down to our local library and can you guess what she asked to read? Yep. Dinosaur books. What's even better? All of the books, except two, were non-fiction. I love watching her mind work. In the last few weeks we have studied two well known paleontologists, the bone wars, meat eating dinosaur, plant eating dinosaur, etc. She can identify the unique make of a dinosaur and she can tell you why they looked that way (ie. curved bladed backs for armor). She can articulate what happened to dinosaurs and why they no longer inhabit the planet. It's pretty awesome watching her find so much joy in new found passions.

We already started buying back to school things and wouldn't you know she requested a dinosaur backpack and lunchbox for first grade? A girl after my own heart. Totally going against the "status quo" that is Barbie dolls, kitty cats, and pink sequin. I couldn't be more proud. Also, shout out to Pottery Barn Kids for consistently impressing me for the last six years. I went on to my favorite back to school shopping site to discover their options for the solar system, moons/stars, and dinosaurs were not just in gender specific print. They had pinks, blues, navy, green, etc. in those options. I literally BEAMED. I went on to purchase the hot/cold container, a snack bag, some utensils, and a bento box - most of which was of the dinosaur variety. Since Justin is at school this month, he's used dinosaurs as a means of bonding with our baby girl. It's the sweetest thing. He's currently looking up dinosaur museums that we can visit when he comes back home. I thought he came up with a splendid idea! I know Ava is going to be over the moon about it and I'm so thankful we live in a region where dinosaurs exhibits and show casings are plentiful!

Just last year our girl wanted to a baker and a mom... watching her interests change, grow, and advance is absolutely an incredible aspect of being a parent. I encourage her, aid her, and participate in any and all things that she loves and it seriously makes my heart so happy. I took the kids to the children's museum the other day and Ava spent most of her time dealing with all things science and dinosaur. Olivia is following in her footsteps and it is the sweetest thing. I purchased the land before time (talk about full circle moments) that same day and even though I was a little nervous about the content, it was well delivered. The kids loved watching a film I watched as a child and of course, the fact that it was based off of dinosaurs.

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