Thursday, September 12, 2019
A couple years ago, I ordered a kit from Ancestry and then never got around to mailing it in. A few months ago, I actually ended up ordering another one (I later called and was able to get some of the funds back for not using the first kit) and actually mailed it off, saliva and all. I don't know why I finally decided to do it, or why I didn't deem it imperative before... but I am SO glad that I saw it through this time. In the middle of May, I got my ancestry results and some of them were pretty shocking. Take a look: 

I have over 14 different regions in my DNA results; I knew I'd be a pretty good mix of culture and backgrounds, but I had no idea that this many unknowns would populate. Most of my life, I've known that I was primarily Puerto Rican, African American, Hawaiian, and Japanese. All of those things populated in my results. I did not expect to see Ireland & Scotland. I did not expect to see Andean Native American, European Jewish, Germanic Europe, or Italy. Being African American - I knew that I'd have African countries, however being Puerto Rican also means I pull heritage from African countries as well. The cool thing about ancestry is that it allows you to see what regions your family was most likely from (or still in) from your specific DNA. The region in Puerto Rico it pulled is definitely where some of my family still resides. I thought it was amazing to see how accurate these results are! Even more so, finding family members through ancestry has been absolutely incredible. I have been in contact with the Dias family -- my mom's paternal family and I've found family members I already know, and family members that had no idea I existed. Making these connections made me think about my mom and how much I wish I had done this kit with her. Because my mom wasn't an option (and ancestry was having an awesome sale) I decided to ask my mom's sister if I could give her a kit -- she allowed it! We recently just got her results back and I seriously cried you guys. It's as close to my mom's DNA that I'll ever get and I'm so thankful to know what her DNA story might have mirrored. Fast forward to Justin. We ended up buying
Justin a kit during the sale as well; he is far less impressed with his results. I'm not sure why, since we both knew he'd pull a European background. I think we were both pretty shocked that he didn't pull as much Irish as we expected, but other than that -- finding out he has Norwegian and Sweden DNA was pretty sweet! Looking at our cultural backgrounds and staring at our children is actually pretty cool... because I'm wondering what the kids have gotten from both their dad and myself. I think the next time ancestry has a sale, we'll do one for Ava. I'm so thankful to live in this day and age where these types of tools are an option. It's made me feel closer to extended family and I'm encouraging Justin to reach out to his family results as well. If you are on the fence on wether to buy a kit or not -- DO IT. You won't regret it! Use my link --> AncestryDNA and its 15% off your order (normally $99)! I can't wait to see if you guys enjoyed this as much as I did!

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