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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

So, can we just pretend that I've been here lately? 2019 was a year full of ruts, adjustment, and lack of creative flow -- hence, not really writing as much.

As the first few weeks of the new year come to a close, more than ever I have a desire to get after it. I want my virtual space to push out positive vibes, transparent talks, and a steady writing flow. That being said, what better way to kick off an "I'm Back" sentiment then to share some fun facts about me. I don't think i've done something like this on my blog in several years, so it'll be fun to share with new followers, dedicated ones, and different platforms I now subscribe to.

20 Random Facts

1. If I could only pick one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would likely be trappers sushi's Mt. Rainier. And that's saying something because I can't eat tuna aside from these rolls.

2. As of late, my baby fever is getting pretty bad.

3. My biggest pet peeves, like my *absolute* make my skin crawl pet peeves are when people are flaky, inconsistent, late, or unappreciative.

4. Following up with #3, I am a total TYPE A and I thrive best when things are organized and schedules are executed. The pressure of deadlines and due dates actually allows me to produce my best work.

5. I'm a total empath. I have a big heart and care immensely for others and what they are going through. My oldest babe seems to get that from her mama. It makes my heart do backflips.

6. I am passionate about feeding my children wholesome meals, even though I don't hold myself to the same standards.

7. I recently started looking through Facebook marketplace for a farmhouse styled hutch. Dare I say I'm jumping on this long avoided band wagon?

8. Poor grammar makes my eye twitch. Legit. This is no lie.

9. The older I get, the more introverted I become? Less social gatherings and more family time. Smaller circles, rather than a room filled with people. I don't have the desire to be in the middle of dozens and dozens of human beings. This is fairly new for me but I am loving it.

10. I have grown to be fairly reserved in a lot of ways. If you knew me 10 years ago, this statement would be total bologna. There is something absolutely beautiful about carrying oneself without having to expose oneself -- internally and externally.

11. I didn't know how to boil a potato until I was nearly 20 years old.

12. Talking about my faith has aways been hard for me but my love for Jesus is the real deal.

13. Before I met Justin, I knew I never wanted to be in a relationship with someone that came with tangible "baggage" --i.e. an ex-wife, children, etc.

14. The first year I learned how to make chicken parm I was so proud. Until my brother in-law came down for Christmas that same year and I served him RAW chicken.

15. I let go of one of my oldest friends last year because I realized the strength of that relationship was not contingent upon the length of that relationship. It hurt but I'm better for it.

16. When I know I've been a jerk, I like to apologize in BIG gesture ways.

17. My mom was 1 of 9 children and my dad is 1 of 5. I have a HUGE family. And even that is an understatement. Family means absolutely everything to me.

18. I recently gave up on small talk -- to like anyone... but I still have this bubbly desire to smile and get to know those around me (thank you Stephanie and Cheyenne from parent pick up).

19. Because I am a product of divorce, I never imagined that being married and having children would be something I'd be successful at? This year makes ten years since Justin and I have been an item!

20. I've never experienced postpartum depression and motherhood itself has always come completely natural for me. Now being in the throws of Mamahood -- that's a totally different, humbling story.

So, there it is! I hope if you made it through that list that you found a little something about me that you didn't know before now. A big part of my resolutions for 2020 was connecting more with this online community I've built over the last 8 years! Here's holding myself to that.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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