Olivia Rose: Preschool Prep

Friday, February 28, 2020

My middle little starts preschool this fall and we are kicking our home activities and learning routine up a notch.
 Olivia turned 4 years old last month and she definitely has a lot of the basics down already. Potty training, social skills, and organizational skills are absolutely her strong suites. She has always been fairly advanced in all milestones but I know that the transition to preschool will present inevitable challenges. Our girl has been in swim classes, gymnastics, and attended numerous child aged sporting events/practices (thanks to her big sister) and as a result, Olivia is well versed in team sports, team efforts, and following directions. Our biggest worry area is knowing that Olivia will not have a "crutch" (siblings or parents) to help her navigate this new environment she will soon be in. I know its apart of the school aged kiddo territory, so we are trying our best to prepare her academically and socially for the new changes. 

Some of the things we do at home include going over colors, numbers, shapes, months of the year, days of the week, letter tracing, arts/crafts, geographical locations on the map, and reading time. We talk about BIG feelings, we let her know she's valid in her feelings, and we discuss safe spaces. I also try really hard to let Olivia hone in on "self help skills" because I know its a game changer for preschoolers to complete tasks independently. We've been using this learning routine pretty much since before Ava started preschool (2017) and Olivia knows most of the information we go over. In addition to what we've been building off of at home, we also scheduled a preschool tour for Olivia that happened earlier this week! It was so exciting to find a school that fit our needs but more importantly, the needs of our sweet girl. 

This will be our first experience not using a preschool through a school district -- so that's kind of interesting... but everything that Olivia will be afforded surpasses what the space looks like. Their focus is definitely more social than academic which we LOVE for this age. They work on American sign language, there is an 8:1 student/teacher ratio, and they have field trips frequently! They also have monthly parties where sibs and parents are invited (also LOVE). It's so clean, organized, and the space is SAFE. We couldn't be more elated for her. She will start this September, and I know this will be a great buffer for kindergarten. If you have a little one that's preschool aged, what are some of the things you did to help your child get prepared? Did they have older siblings to look to? Did you work on any learning elements with them? Let me know! I'm loving the emails I've been getting! You guys have such good ideas. 

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