First Week In Self-Quarantine

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay home. Stay safe. Keep your positive.

Yesterday marked one full week since the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus plagued Washington State throughout and forced the governor to shut the schools down for nearly six weeks (along with other social distancing guidelines). Today, we are faced with more extreme measures as the governor has ordered (necessarily) a "shelter in place, stay at home" proclamation because us Washingtonians won't just stay home like we've been asked to do many times before today. The outcome of our reality hasn't really phased me negatively, to be honest. There have been many benefits to a situation that is spiraling out of my own personal control. I've chosen to hold tight to the positives because they have made this experience a heck of a lot better.

For starters, I became a (temporarily) homeschooling mama. And you know what? I absolutely love it. I never thought I'd love it as much as I do... but I do know that I'll be a little sad when it is time for Ava to go back to school. We maintain a similar structure to that of what it would be if Ava was still in school outside of our home. It just so happens that both of her parents are home 24/7 these days and we have a little wiggle room in the morning. Teaching my child everyday life and academic curriculum has been eye opening. Really seeing how much she's grown and how much she's learn. She introduces big ideas to us each day during her learning and it makes me heart b-e-a-m with joy. I made that human with all this knowledge and eagerness to learn about the world around her.

I've also taken this time to slow down and just enjoy our moments. Our family normally has a fairly busy weekday schedule, so slowing down has been a real treat. I do find that I am a little more anal about our school blocks of time but even still, the flexibility I feel is unreal. I've never been able to just flow this way in motherhood and its shocking how much i am enjoying it. This past Sunday we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast at nearly 9am. The kids slept in, so Justin + I slept in. That never happens! We listened to music, opened up our blinds, slow danced in the kitchen, and we just laughed our way into the afternoon. Sundays are never this mellow. Ever. I loved every minute of it.

Having Justin home has been a blessing. I'm not worried about him being exposed to other people and potentially bringing something home to us. I'm not worried about him in general. He's here, we are together... and really, isn't that truly the American dream? Work hard enough to take care of your family so you can be with your family? Though our reality is far from a dream, we are taking this and we are owning it. We've left the house less than a handful of times and it just feels good to be grounded.

I think being able to go outside is a real saving grace for this current situation of living, too. Being able to take in this great Pacific air is remarkable. I read a status from two years ago when we were still in Texas and I wrote about the girls squinting in the beaming sun. I wrote about how they were certainly PNW babes through and through. Oh, the irony. We are back home and in the mists of this pandemic I still can't help but feel thankful.

Thankful for this time together we wouldn't have had otherwise. Thankful that our Spring break trip might have been cancelled but can now become our summer vacation destination (hopefully). Thankful that my family is seemingly healthy and growing and learning even while staying at home. Lots of thankfuls here, very few qualms. Week one down, several more weeks to go. I'm really hoping to keep this mindset and this knowing feeling. Its been such a bright light for my family.

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