Liam Arthur: 3 Years Old

Monday, March 8, 2021

To the first boy that truly stole my heart and makes me GUSH on a daily basis

Happy 3rd Birthday, Liam Arthur!

Let me tell you... this past year has been filled with SO much patience and grace for me. You are a wild child. Always jumping off of something, running into something, operating without caution, and unapologetically creating mayhem wherever you can. I know sometimes we secretly love it... maybe you know that though? As much as you are wild, you have a heart of gold. Your hugs linger, your kisses are always planted wet, and your "I love yous' tug at all of our heartstrings. You are our Lamby, our lambchop, our bubby, our buddy, and we love you so. To add more charisma to the mix, you also inherited your mama's quick wit and your daddy's sense of humor (much like your sisters). It makes for either hilarious interactions or a stern side glance from (usually) your mama. I've heard all the things about boys that would make raising you difficult. "Typical boy" but I find you to be anything but typical, even in our most challenging moments. I can't believe there was a brief moment in time when I thought I wouldn't be good at this. Raising my boy. Oh, how I laugh looking back at that now. Loving you is all I ever needed to equip myself with -- everything else has fallen into place inevitably.

I hope today is just as super and sweet as you are my boy. You wore your spiderman costume three days in a row -- including at the New England Aquarium yesterday. Choosing this image to chronicle your 3rd birthday was only fitting.

We love you so big, spider-man.

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