Tatum Leilani Madrid: 12 Weeks Old

Sunday, July 4, 2021

We are officially out of the fourth trimester + boy is it bittersweet.
The last three months have been pure survival mode. When I say that, people automatically assume it's because I have four children, a husband, a home, schedules, etc... and to be quite honest, that's really not it. Survival mode for me this time around has been more regional and complexities of my husband's extended family. I could literally cringe with all the deep breaths it takes to accept the fact that this is our norm for a while. Thankfully, I am always throwing myself into what matters most and that will always be Justin and these babies. Having a 12 week old has been a saving grace by like a million. I am so thankful for this sweet girl. Our entire household rallies her growth, her health, and all that she is. 

Clothes:  We hit the "it's a little snug" milestone with three months clothes for certain this week. The sleepers aren't long enough for her toes and the buttons on her onesies are a bit snug as well. Can you believe we are already graduating to the six-month gear? It's unreal. We are seeing sweet little baby rolls on her thighs and her little buddha baby face barely reveals a chin -- it is glorious. Part of me wants to venture out and buy her all the cute little boho clothes because.. when is the next time I'll be able to do that?  I just don't want to leave a single fashion stone unturned for our baby girl. It is SO much fun to dress up little baby girls and I can't wait to have our matching clothes arrive later next week! Yup! I did it (guilt-free). 

Feeding:  I know my girl is going through a growth spurt which has brought cluster feeding back into the picture. I don't really mind it except it feels like I'm depleted and quite literally being sucked dry all of the time. I try my hardest to stay hydrated with little snacks on hand to make up for all the nursing being done. Even if it's a cluster frenzy right now, I'm just glad Tatum is nursing well and gaining weight perfectly. If you guys recall, I had my first scare with her during her first week of life (gaining weight slowly), and now all that has been behind us for quite some time. I love the comfort nursing provides my tater tot, also. Especially during this 12-week growth spurt. She always calms in her mama's arms and boobs on tap.

Sleep:  We have a 3-month old that is sleeping through the night! This makes us 4/4 and I honestly owe it all to co-sleeping + breastfeeding. Even when the sleep cycles change, I'm always there, ready to nurse her through it and she's solid. We put Tatum to bed at 9:30 every night (the last few nights minus Saturday have all been closer to 9pm) and we give her a bath, lotion her up, sing a song, and hold her little hand while she's being nursed down for the night. I've stopped using swaddled consistently (especially with the heat here lately) and it doesn't seem to impact the sleep our girl is getting. Tatum always gets better sleep when she's being held by mommy or daddy bur her morning nap still remains 2 hours+ strong which leaves me a lot of time to get things done early in the day. The other naps she takes in the daytime are more cat-like naps and don't last nearly as long as they used to. 

Milestones:  Tatum can hold a rattle in her hand, she can roll over, she can hold her head fairly high while doing tummy time, and she smiles in response to our smiles or voice all the time. We've also got a babe that found her fingers and she loves putting them in her mouth. Developmentally she is soaring and we are doing our part to encourage growth and proper stimulation. This time around we have 3 extra voices and teachers around our babe to help her learn more about the world around her and the daily environment. Big sister Ava loves to read and sing to Tatum and explain all the things about STEM in particular. Olivia loves to give compliments, kisses, hugs, and giggle time. Liam loves to hold Tatum, talk to her, and constantly assert that he is her big sister and that he loves her. 

Things You Like:  You are my soul twin, without a doubt my sweet baby. Everyone says that she's her mama's girl and it couldn't be more true. You love your mama and whenever your world has fussy times or cries, I am there and everything is calm again. You like classical music here lately and I am enjoying the continuance of exploring all genres. You love kisses on your cheek/neck area, and bicycle legs are all the rave (so long gas!). The Lillebaby carrier has been a big hit for you but I think you prefer the texture of a good sling. You prefer when daddy holds you while you face outward so you can take in the world around you, and baby toys are sparking some interest here lately. 

All in all, you are growing as you should and we all love + adore the journey we've been afforded with our baby girl.

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