Justin's Vasectomy: No More Babies

Thursday, August 5, 2021

This week, Justin made a more permanent decision to ensure that no more Howland babies would be happening for us and to say that I am relieved would be an understatement. 

Four months ago, I couldn't write that sentence with certainty. In fact, four months ago we discussed Justin putting this procedure off for an entire year before making big decisions like this one. It's not that we wanted more kids (even if we did have talks of #5) in the future... it's more the permanence of a procedure like this one. The end of a chapter that has been our lives for the better part of a decade. Knowing that our fertility battles are forever beaten and we now move onto the journey in our lives where we raise the kiddos as they are -- no little ones to follow. It's just a lot to digest. Change is hard, sometimes. Especially when you are saying goodbye to parts of your life you frequently relish in, time and time again. But, the decision was made, the procedure completed, and I feel like we both will be able to breathe a little easier knowing we have eliminated a high probability of 'uh oh" situations. 

I was surprised at how quickly this procedure is done. We drove Justin to his urologist but their office said it was fine if Justin drove himself home. How odd, right? A procedure that leaves him well enough to drive himself home.... how bad could it be? I spoke too soon. An hour after Justin went into his clinic, he came out with a slight limp in his step. He was definitely uncomfortable but the local numbing hadn't quite worn off yet. In the week leading up to the "big day," we made sure to stock our home with everything Justin might need for his recovery. This included A LOT Of frozen pea bags (they definitely proved to be worth more than the $0.99 we paid for them) and other items for comfort. I'm so glad we did that! The swollen and uncomfortable nature of the vasectomy was definitely there. I planned on making sure I was handling everything around the house to give Justin time to just be without feeling obligated to move or do any household chores. 

I know he definitely appreciated that. The recovery time wasn't nearly as quick as we'd thought it would be and it took almost a full two weeks before Justin felt relatively normal again. We had a couple of incidents where our 3-year-old ran into dad (yikes!) so I'm not quite sure if that added to recovery time or not? But I know it was certainly uncomfortable and the recliner chair in our living room got far more use than it ever had before. Justin spent much of the first-week sort of feet up and laid back as often as he could. He routinely switched out frozen peas and surprisingly enough he didn't care much for the ice bags I bought from amazon. I think after hearing other scary stories about vasectomies, Justin was ultra-careful. I know he was nervous about potential bleeds or scrotum traumas, which also could have contributed to his recovery time. 

I am glad that he's okay and healed up now! Not having to worry about pregnancy scares in our future is priceless and both my husband and I are breathing a little easier now. 

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