Tatum Leilani Madrid: 16 Weeks Old

Friday, August 6, 2021

From start to finish.

The kids have all started to form their own special moments and bond with Tatum and it absolutely warms my heart to watch all 3 of my bigs cater to their baby sister and her needs. Of course, since Ava is the oldest, she wants to help in such big ways -- my start and my finish. This concept has been flooding my brain so heavily lately. Watching the sweet girl that introduced me to motherhood holding the baby girl that entered the world and finished that chapter for our family. All of the motions, experiences, and lessons learned this time around remain so bitter-sweet. 

Clothes:  Not a single 3-month onesie or sleeper is in sight for our tater tot. Weighing in at a total of just over 15 pounds,  our girl is full-fledged into six-month clothing. I've noticed that this time around I don't have this pressing need to "doll" our baby up all the time. My pandemic baby arrived in the mists of comfortability and a lot of at-home life. This means sleepers, some pant sets, and onesies are what we have our sweet girl in most of the time. As we enter into the last month of true summer, I really hope we also see little baby scarves, hats, and jackets soon after. There is nothing sweeter than one of my babies in full-fledged autumn gear.

Feeding:  Tatum is still quite the champion nurser -- feeding on demand just as often as she'd like. She's not really cluster feeding anymore but she also doesn't like to nurse for long periods at a time. 5-10 minutes is generally how much time she will spend nursing in total (and this is likely including the switch from one breast to the other). We haven't started solid foods yet and we won't until she is six months old. I have always waited until our babies are six months and it seems to work for our family. Ironically enough, Tatum's PEDS doc mentioned that if we were to wait until six months that we should consider supplementing with a multivitamin solution that includes iron. This is something we've heard in the past but I don't think we actually acted on it with any of our other kids.

Sleep:  Sleep is still such a dream with Tatum and we have not seen signs of regression (fingers crossed we avoid this entirely like we did with her two older sisters).  I have flashbacks of what that looked like with Liam and even thinking about it now makes me feel as if I need coffee and about a week's worth of sleep. Tatum sleeps from 930pm to 7am every single day with a sleep cycle change and a quick feed at 5am-ish. We are so blessed to have yet another great sleeper... I truly believe it is the combo of co-sleeping + nursing. We have done this with all four babies and all four of our kids have been rockstar sleepers. We certainly have never taken that for granted. 

Milestones:  Tatum has such great head control for her age. She is strong and balances much of her own weight with assistance. She will reach for things in front of her -- blankets, toys, Ava's long hair... and try to place everything in her month, alongside her fingers! She will make sweet little baby noises and it's so fun to conversate with her. Tracking us was a milestone we saw early on but actually focusing and watching us is such a treat. Tatum is growing exactly as she should be for four months old and we are so delighted that our little survivor babe continues to have great health and steadfast milestone markers.

Things You Like:  Music. Tatum continues to show great interest in all kinds of music. She loves when Ava reads to her and she adores when Olivia plays little games like "peek-a-boo" with her, too. Smiling is like second nature to our girl and she always has a big smile on her face when she's greeted by pretty much anyone in our family. Snuggles are all the rave and this baby girl is truly accustomed to being in the arms of someone like mommy or daddy pretty much all the time with the exception of tummy time and her activity seats. I've noticed that bath time is truly a fan favorite for this baby girl and vacuum noises are still heaven-sent when we are in the car and Tatum needs something to help her settle her cries.

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