Thursday, October 7, 2021

Staying on our toes with you, forever.

Feeding:  WE MADE IT! Six entire months of being exclusively breastfed! Tatum makes four babies we've been able to accomplish this huge milestone with and my mama heart couldn't feel more proud of the commitment I made to my babies to nourish them to my best ability. Six months means solid foods and even water introduction -- so exciting, new, and HUGE. The dynamic changes and Tatum gets to enjoy more of what everyone around her does. We are going to start with the traditional purees and then introduce baby-led weaning a couple weeks in. Or we might start both methods of feeding at the same time. Totally just feeling that part out this time around. Of course, breast milk will still be the primary source of liquids but with solid foods comes the inevitable fact that our littlest babe is not the newborn squish we brought home in April. All of this is just... bittersweet. 

Sleep:  We had our first night of difficult sleep since this little lady was born. It was a little brutal for mama... thankfully, it was one night. Tatum got her first cold, cut her first tooth, and also had her little finger pinched in a door all in the same week. Talk about all at once, right? The house is plagued with the common cold right now. Everyone has been tested for covid-19 (all negative) and we totally just planned on staying home more often and letting this cold run its course. But then, Tatum cut a tooth. That was exciting and well until we had a baby that was both congested and fussy at bedtime. If you know our Tatum, you know this isn't her M.O. where her bedtime routine is concerned. We have been using Hyland teething tablets to combat the teething, I switched out her baby pillows to help with the post nasal drip and congestion, and we sleep with the cool mist humidifier each night. Those small changes seem to have helped because our girl is sleeping peacefully and restfully each night since.

Milestones:  Tatum is sitting up on her own!  We still make sure to put a boppy behind her or have ourselves behind her but she's pretty steady with it. So much so that she will reach down to her cute little toes and try to put them in her mouth. I mentioned how our girl cut her first tooth... well, she's working on her second one as we speak! She can hold all of her toys in her hands and she can also reach for the things she wants. She's not quite rocking yet (pre-crawl signs for our babies) but she's still using her feet to kick off of and get around while doing tummy time. Tatum responds to her name and is constantly smiling when engaging with us. She loves to be tickled and she's constantly giving her daddy smiley faces and bright eyes. She knows who mama and daddy are and she knows her sibs! 

Things You Like:  This sweet girl LOVES her music. Music is an element we always introduce from their "womb time" but watching Tatum choose what she likes most is so exciting. She loves to fall asleep to music in the car and in our arms during the day. She is currently loving the entire "Julie and the Phantoms" album and she loves it, even more, when daddy serenades her. Tatum loves being held in our arms -- she always has, she loves when we play "peek-a-boo" and she loves when her siblings talk to her. The jumper has been the new rave around here. We do limit her time in it but Tatum enjoys the stimulation from all the activities on it. 

Six months came so quickly and I know the rest of the year will follow the same pace. Looking back at these monthly updates has reminded me of how grateful I am to have documented these moments with our babies. I hope one day Tatum looks back on these moments and she too cherishes them. It has been a joy being her mama. Here's to her seventh month. Grow baby, grow.

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