Potential Covid Exposure: My Ava Bug

Friday, January 7, 2022

With the omicron variant spreading like wildfire, we are bracing ourselves for the possibility of this happening.

While in the parent pick-up line yesterday afternoon, I got a call from Ava's school. I was a little puzzled since it was the end of the day. I figured it was Olivia-related because if it pertained to Ava, she would contact me via her watch. Long behold, it was Ava's principal calling to let me know that Ava had potentially been exposed to a positive covid case. Tracing was done and that was how Ava's exposure came about. My immediate reaction was fear, I think? I felt panicky because I knew if they'd told Ava that she would be beside herself. I listened, asked the immediate questions we'd need answers to, and then I waited for her principal to bring Ava out to my car. Luckily, they hadn't told Ava much before she got to me... so I was able to calmly and effectively talk to my child about the situation. It still wasn't that great, honestly. 

It broke my heart into pieces when I saw the worry in my child's face. When we got home from pick up Ava looked me straight in the eyes and she said, "Mommy. Can you teach me how to pray better? I'm really scared and I don't want to die." We both started crying and I began to pray with my baby girl. I know many people that have shared that they have been so careful these last two years. That they've made sure to keep their distance, wear masks, get vaccinated, etc... and well, that's us. I have never spent this much time indoors before in my entire life. Going to the stores is out of necessity and rarely for leisure, anymore. And most times we do grocery pick-ups. We don't spend much time with Justin's family as a whole. We don't do fun activities that we'd normally do on our free days or weekends. We have buckled down and we will remain this way to increase our chances of staying healthy and covid free. 

We knew school would be a gamble. Especially after winter break. This has been a discussion for several weeks at this point. Our older two are in school full time. The saving grace is that we do trust the protocols their district and school have in place. They are communicative, thorough, and they contact trace for every exposure and covid case. Justin and I both feel that it is best to allow them to remain in school for their learning because it is where they thrive and learn best. If things were to worsen or we felt as though remote learning was more beneficial, OR if the school enforces a remote schedule then of course we'd make the necessary changes to reflect the best situation for our kids. Or what's available to them. 

So, for now, Ava has to quarantine for five days before being able to return to school (a chance in the department of health for New York State that literally just happened last night for the district) and she'll only miss one day of school from her date of exposure (the weekend accounts for two days, so that's nice). Ava also had a PCR test taken this morning and we should get those results soon. Fingers crossed our girl has tested negative for covid.

We are exhausted with the world right now. Beyond exhausted, beyond tired, beyond "over it", beyond global pandemics. We need a breath of fresh air. The world does.. and we need it more than ever before.

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