Hammonasset Beach State Park:Connecticut

Saturday, July 30, 2022

 First trip as a family of six to the Atlantic Ocean. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the Ocean. I've spent the majority of my life alongside the Pacific Coast, so naturally, the water is a place I've always felt tranquility, peace, and a strong sense of self. There is so much significance in the ocean waters and with each baby we've had, making sure their tiny toes touch down in ocean waters has been important to me. It might have taken us a year and some change to accomplish this with Tatum while living on the East Coast but I am so glad we did it. Our baby girl LOVED the water, just like her older siblings. Watching our kids play for hours in the water, building sand castles, and making their own peace with the ocean --  so much more than I could have asked for. 

I chose Hammonasset specifically because it was in a new state we'd never been and the reviews were really good. I liked that camping was an option too, and the admission was free for active military. The drive wasn't terrible and the kids got to stop in Chicopee, MA for their favorite "drive-thru" road trip food. Definitely a win/win all around. If I had to give three tips or helpful feedback about this location I would share the following:


We chose the more populous area for bathrooms, food options, lifeguards, and showers. Our choice came with an influx of other beach goers. It wasn't terrible but there was definitely zero room for privacy and space was limited. Parking wasn't terrible at all and I definitely appreciated the outdoor showers to wash away as much sand as possible before packing everything back up into the car. 


I'm not sure if it was just the microorganisms in the water, or what but my entire family felt itchy after our first couple of times in and out of the ocean. Tatum was okay.. .but of course, she couldn't tell us even if she was itchy. That was unexpected but it didn't last the entire duration of our beach trip. Certainly, something to be aware of though, especially if you have little ones with sensitive skin. 


The trek from the car to the actual beach wasn't too bad but the type of sand I had to push our step 2 wagon through was no easy feat. Choose wheels that are more forgiving or possibly made for beach terrain because I'll tell you what, it took a little arm strength on my part to get the wagon to the spot we chose on the beach. I rectified this quickly for future beach trips by purchasing a collapsable wagon for future use. 

Other than that, we had the time of our lives. Sea air, the horizon where the sky meets the sea and my family? I couldn't ask for much else out of a beach day. We had sand in places that no one ever wants sand and we were all pretty tanned (some more than others) from being sun-kissed... but it was one of my favorite memories this summer. We can't wait for more ocean days! 

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