Family Halloween Costumes

Monday, October 31, 2022


Family costumes will forever be my jam!

When we do Halloween, we try to maintain the fun and excitement that comes along with it -- all while respecting that NOONE in our family cares for scary or spooky things. Family costumes have been another fun way to add to the excitement of Halloween and we are totally here for it. Some of the things I love most about October are all the cool ideas my kids come up with for potential costumes, pumpkin patch fun, apple picking, and tons of our favorite movies -- my kids are total suckers for a good Hallmark film (this year we took in Hocus Pocus 2 and it wasn't too graphic). 2022 is our fifth year of dressing up as a family and it was definitely one of my favorites. We watched Lightyear this past summer and I knew without a doubt that Liam's vote was totally going to be a Toy Story theme! I can hardly wait to see what the kids decide for our theme next year. Happy Halloween, everyone! Take a peek at the last five years olf "Howland-ween" family costumes! 

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