Hello, Seattle.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

After 646 days, I came home.
Since the moment Tatum was born I knew we needed to take this baby back home. It's insane the attachment I have to Washington State that has continued into my adult life. The more I move away, the more I long for familiarity, evergreen trees, and a diverse place to build and raise my family. Tatum was "Washington-made" but due to the compassion reassignment when my mother-in-law went on hospice, we abruptly moved to Upstate New York and this is where our girl was born. I can look back now and acknowledge that my birthing experience was mostly flawless here and most importantly, our girl arrived safely. Even still, I've had this longing desire to take our girl back home and show her all the things in Washington that make home, well... the best place to be. Because of covid, uncertainty in transmission rates, and having three other little kiddos to consider (and their schedules), I knew it'd be a while before we made this happen. Besides, traveling with an infant during a global pandemic just didn't seem like a risk that was worth taking for us.

It wasn't until my sister gave birth to my nephew did I make the decision that I needed to make a trip out. I knew that I'd be taking Tatum (it honestly makes the most sense with her nursing) and I knew that seeing my nephew would be the top priority but also allowing Tatum to engage and enjoy some of our favorite things would also be in the cards. Traveling with Tatum was an absolute breeze, I literally cannot stress that enough. She made the travel part so dang easy and was equally easy to please and entertain, for the most part. Traveling with five bags, trying to maneuver a newer model rental, and feeling like I was running on E with the jet lag and lack of sleep? Ehh, that took a little adjustment.

Even with the hiccups we inevitably experienced, I'd do it all again. We went to our FAVORITE pumpkin patch -- Spooner Farms, we got to see my childhood best friend and meet her daughter Llina,  we went out to dinner more than I probably should have and Tatum got to meet my dad and stepdad. I got to hold and enjoy my nephew (legit almost had tears running down my face) and he's just the most precious little dude. we had a Seattle day and took in all the tourist-like things -- gum wall, Pike Place, and souvenirs from small vendors, we ventured out to Ruston in Tacoma (newer developments and businesses built up), we went onto JBLM and explored the military post we once lived on, AND Tatum got to put her hands in feet in the Pacific Ocean. So many things for five days -- especially since we flew in on Monday and we flew out on Friday. 

We are already planning another trip back home next year and I just can't wait.

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