Liam Arthur: Four Years Old

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

So BIG and four years old.

Oh, my sweet boy, 

I look at the picture right above these words and I am in total awe. You have grown SO much in the last year and I can hardly believe it. This past year was definitely our most challenging to date. I hate saying that. I do. Mostly because, collectively, all of our moments together are filled with beautiful, sweet, and empathetic interactions... I sometimes think one day you might read this and I want to be honest, realistic, and truthful to our experiences. I hope you appreciate that. I say challenging because, in so many ways, you are like me. Everyone will tell you that you look like your daddy and you act like him too (SO very true to an extent) but... you are stubborn, you refuse to give in when it's not what you want, you are emotionally driven, such a solid conversationalist, and a good hug/cuddle sesh is enough to help you smooth things out. That is ALL your mama and I'm sorry for that, mostly. Going toe to toe with a mini you every day (which I already do with one of your sisters) is hard. Sometimes I get lost between wanting to talk out whatever just happened and laughing until my belly aches because you are the funniest little boy I know.

Sometimes your anger gets the best of you when you are upset. Not really when you get frustrated but certainly when you are upset. I watch daddy respond to you with such love and patience and I hold you as often as you like. Lately, it's been a lot more than usual. I hold you in one arm and your baby sister in the other. It's easily become my favorite time with you. You remain wild, free, and lack all the caution (FOR REAL). You enjoy flicking mud, grabbing sticks, stomping on every single body of water possible, and SPIDER-MAN. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to love anything or a hobby as much as you love SPIDER-MAN... but here we are.

Second-year in a row that you've wanted to celebrate your birthday with SPIDER-MAN but I will make it happen each time you ask because I love your dedication and watching you light up anytime you see something with a certain spidey. Your entire bedroom is decked out in spider gear, decor, bedding, and even clothes. I hope we remember this phase of your life, always. Son, you are so dang handsome and you have so much charisma already. I seriously cannot believe how well-spoken you are (even the things we'd rather you not say or repeat) and how great your language is. I also can't believe that you boycotted haircuts for months and months only to suddenly change your mind and resume them alongside your daddy.

That is you though, son. When you say something, you mean it. My hope for you is that this year brings so many new adventures for you to explore. Maybe preschool and more little boy friends? I can't wait to watch you learn, grow, and continue to be such a huge love bug that you already are. 

I still cannot believe you are four. 

I love you my lamby.

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