I currently reside in my home state with my sweetheart, our two breathtaking little girls. and our handsome little boy, Liam. I was born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest - naturally a West coast girl through and through.

Due to the needs of the military (and my husband's permanent recruiting gig), our family will be in Washington for the next few years… I can’t even begin to tell you how ELATED we are about this.
A little more about me? I am a complete extrovert, I am honest, almost to a fault, and when I laugh (I mean when something is REALLY funny) I belly laugh like a burly man. Mornings are my jam, I shamelessly adore made for TV holiday movies, and I could listen to 90s hip hop all day, every day. My husband is my absolute best friend in this world and being able to stay at home with our kids in their tender years is everything to me. Finding meaning in everything I pursue is my saving grace. Photographing became an instant passion the moment I became a mother. Documenting all the things stirs the creative places of my soul.
After three years of pursuing a BA in healthcare administration, I made the decision to switch my degree plan to human resources management with a minor in marketing. After I gave birth to my third babe, I took a LONG, long hiatus - BUT, I AM BACK AT IT. Here’s to getting my degree in 2020.
My husband, Justin, is an active-duty soldier in the United States Army. Combat Arms gone Army Recruiter, Justin is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who completed his second overseas deployment in Afghanistan the year our firstborn arrived. 
This blog has become quite the expressive medium for all of the triumphs my family has and all of our growing pains. I love being able to share all of the ins and outs of our tribe while promoting love + truth.