Six Months!

Monday, November 18, 2013
Still can't believe I'm writing this. I always compile a list of items we love or that Ava has started using each month. Honestly, this past month has gone by so quickly. Ava has started scooting, she's started to grab anything in sight, and she sits up for at least twenty seconds without any support. Ava talks so much more now than ever before. She can distinctly say, Ma, Da and Ahh-goo. When Justin or I say her name, she looks at us and smiles.Some of the things we have started using with her would be:

A mini mobile from tiny love. Ava loves this thing! She just recently became interested in playing with it. We take it with us on the go, it's a great way to keep her distracted. 


This cool mist humidifier has been a god sent for us. This past month Ava got her first cold (she is actually in the mists of her second). Between boogies wipes, nasal drops, and this little baby, dealing with a sick infant has been easy. 
We also love boogie wipes. It's such a better alternative for constantly wiping Bug's nose. She doesn't get any red irritation marks, it's soft, and we prefer unscented. I always have these in the diaper bag, and they are perfect for when she is sick. 

We also started using sippy cups for juice. I love these! Ava bug is such a pro. She holds onto the handles perfectly, and she's got the sucking/lifting to drink notion in little to no time at all. I really don't see us using the bottle (ever again) with how great she is with a sippy. 

I am so emotional with all of Bug's development milestones. She's right on track, and she's a healthy baby. That's really all we could ask for. this Wednesday our Princess has her six month well baby check up! I'm so excited to see how much she weighs. 

Oh, before I forget...

Day 17- I am thankful for the home I live in. Not everyone has one, and I wish everyone did.
Day 18- I am thankful for the car I drive. It is a luxury to have an automobile. I'm thankful for it. 

♥- Leilani

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