It's going to be okay

Sunday, November 17, 2013
I feel better today. Knowing that our chances of being relocated to Washington aren't diminished have a lot to do with that. The main reason I feel better today is because I am a mother to a six month old. Today my precious Princess is half of one year old. I can't believe how fast these six months came. Pretty soon I'll be writing a post about being a mother to a one year old Princess. It's completely insane how quickly children grow.

Today I am steaming sweet potatoes for Ava! I'm also (FINALLY) thawing some of my frozen breast milk. A lot of my readers know that due to my enzymes breaking down too quickly, Ava refuses to drink any thawed breast milk. I'm glad she drinks freshly expressed milk, (I plan on bringing out the pump again) because I plan on using my milk to give Bug's purees the proper consistency.

I won't lie, I'm excited about house hunting. This next house will be the home my family spends their first Christmas. It will be the first home we have in a new state. Change can sometimes be really good. As many emotions as I have going through my mind, I am finding some order in my life. This move is allowing me to focus on something that is time sensitive, I need that right now.

I didn't think I wanted to do a big Thanksgiving after finding out the news of our move... looks like we will be. We bought a 25 lb turkey yesterday! I'm so excited about it! Roasting pans, basters, stuffing.. Ahh, I can't wait to wake up at 5 a.m. to let the cooking commence. There is something about the holiday season that completely keeps my mood out of the slums!

Ava bug has a little bit of a cold this morning. I think she's going to be like her daddy, always getting sick with the weather changing. She's stuffed up! No fever, but she has this dry cough that makes me want to cry. I hate when she's sick. She's a champ though. My daughter is the only baby I know that smiles when she's sick. She's giggly, and happy. I love it! Best sick baby ever! I hope it clears up though. I get extremely OCD with germs, and hand washing, and people when Ava is sick.

Alright, I'm being summoned by my husband for football. Enjoy your Sunday all!

 ♥- Leilani

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